Jeffrey Epstein’s deep connections with the First Family of the U.S. Virgin Islands revealed

**Jeffrey Epstein’s Financial Support for USVI Officials’ Children**
JPMorgan Chase & Co. reveals in court documents that convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein paid tuition for the children of the US Virgin Islands’ governor and first lady. The payments included tuition fees for Skidmore College in New York, among other expenses.

**Cecile de Jongh’s Email Request**
In August 2011, Cecile de Jongh, wife of then-USVI Governor John de Jongh Jr., sent an email to Epstein requesting approval for a $25,000 tuition bill for Skidmore College. This email, along with other documents, was filed by JPMorgan in a Manhattan federal court.

**JPMorgan’s Defense and Accusations**
JPMorgan is currently facing a lawsuit by the USVI government, accusing the bank of facilitating Epstein’s sex trafficking. In response, JPMorgan argues that the USVI government played a more significant role in aiding Epstein’s crimes, highlighting Cecile de Jongh’s close relationship with him.

**JPMorgan’s Continued Legal Battle**
Despite recently announcing a $290 million settlement for a lawsuit filed by Epstein’s abuse victims, JPMorgan is vigorously fighting the USVI’s lawsuit. The latest court filing demonstrates the bank’s determination to defend itself.

**A Request to Stop the “Unclean Hands” Defense**
The USVI government is urging the judge to prevent JPMorgan from using an “unclean hands” defense, arguing that such a defense does not apply to government actors. Neither de Jongh nor a lawyer for the USVI has responded to these claims.

**Tuition Payments and Their Impact**
According to JPMorgan, the tuition payments made by Epstein for de Jongh’s children significantly increased her compensation as his office manager. One year of tuition at Skidmore College currently costs approximately $65,000, excluding room and board.

**The Alleged Exchange on Sex Offender Registration Law**
In a May 2011 email exchange between Epstein and de Jongh, the two discuss plans by the USVI to update its sex offender registration law. Epstein suggests distinguishing between “offenders” and “predators” in an attempt to exclude himself from certain provisions. It remains unclear how widely this email was shared.

**Efforts to Bypass Restrictions**
JPMorgan claims that de Jongh promised Epstein ways to bypass the restrictions imposed by the updated sex offender registration law. Frustration is expressed in the emails when an unnamed USVI politician, referred to as “Russell,” is believed to have betrayed their efforts.

**Assistance with Student Visas**
Additional emails reveal de Jongh’s efforts to help Epstein secure student visas for young women by arranging their enrollment at the University of the Virgin Islands. The emails discuss enrollment procedures, financial requirements, and deadlines for enrollment.

**Epstein’s Ongoing Ties with USVI Government**
JPMorgan emphasizes that Epstein’s connections with the USVI government extended beyond his relationship with the bank. Epstein was in direct communication with USVI officials regarding matters such as hurricane aftermath and the territory’s financial needs.

**Questionable Tax Incentives**
In October 2019, a few months after Epstein’s arrest and subsequent death, a group of USVI officials communicated about inquiries from the New York Times regarding tax incentives granted to Epstein by the territory. The officials express concerns about public scrutiny over these incentives.

In conclusion, court filings by JPMorgan Chase reveal the extent of Epstein’s financial support for the children of USVI officials, including tuition payments for Skidmore College. JPMorgan is actively defending itself against the USVI government’s accusations of aiding Epstein’s sex trafficking. The documents shed light on the close relationship between Epstein and Cecile de Jongh, and highlight allegations of their collaboration to bypass restrictions and obtain tax benefits.

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