Air Street Capital’s SF LLM Meetup: Showcasing Best Practices

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Welcome to this insightful discussion featuring industry leaders from Replit, Google, Notion, Kagi, and Chroma. Join us as we delve into the future of AI and Machine Learning, bringing together experts from various backgrounds including big technology companies, research organizations, and universities.

In this video, our panelists will share their perspectives on the current trends in the ML community, emerging best practices, and the direction that the field is heading. Whether you’re a researcher, a startup founder, or someone looking to enter the ML industry, this discussion is sure to provide valuable insights.

Discover how these experts navigate the challenges of working with state-of-the-art technologies, unreliable AI systems, and emotional factors that affect the industry. Gain a deeper understanding of how to build useful products that effectively solve real-world problems, without getting tangled in buzzwords.

Join us for an enlightening evening filled with knowledge-sharing and robust discussions. We hope you enjoy this video and leave with newfound inspiration to make a difference in the AI and ML space.

– 00:00 – Introduction
– 03:30 – Exploring the current trends in AI and ML
– 09:45 – Navigating the challenges of working with unreliable AI systems
– 15:20 – Building useful products that solve real-world problems
– 21:10 – The future of AI and ML: Emerging best practices and trends

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Featuring Replit, Google, Notion, Kagi, and Chroma.

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