Ace Steel’s AEW Return and the Management of it According to Jim Cornette

# AEW Rumors: CM Punk and AEW Clash Again Over Ace Steel’s Return as Agent

In this episode of the Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Jim and Brian discuss the latest rumors surrounding CM Punk and AEW. It was reported that Punk and AEW are at odds over the return of Ace Steel as an agent. Steel was expected to return next month and work behind the scenes with Punk. However, a decision was made that Steel would not be working backstage at the Collision tapings. This led to Punk being removed from all promotional material released for the AEW Collision series.

The drama surrounding this situation is getting bigger and crazier than what is happening on the show. It’s been going on for months, and the latest development is blowing up a new Saturday night television show and the gate at the United Center. Jim and Brian speculate on the reasons behind this decision and discuss the importance of Steel’s return to the company.

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From Episode 294 of the Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

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  1. AEW without the Elite (>) AEW without Punk. I wish the company wasn’t even named AEW, so there would be no confusion if they made their departure. The fact that AEW is in the position to basically redo WWE in 2002 (the brand split, with SmackDown being mostly the wrestling show & RAW being HHH’s playground where he could do all he wanted to do in 2000 but as a single) is too funny.

  2. How funny would it be if Punk just didn't turn up on the show & then turns up outside the arena and lure the whole arena of fan to leave the building & boycott the show.

    CM Punk turns up in a tank & a megaphone with Ace Steele rallying the troops lol 😂 😂 😂

  3. Ohhh this is easy! Punk needs to stay healthy, draw those big ass numbers which will boost what 500k?! Everything he’s trying is not drawing ratings, they’re dropping.

    His world champ cannot pull the ratings up because he’s not opening the show, orange Cassidy is. BTW, Cassidy will get jobbed out in WWE and NJPW. He’s a fuckin joke that now I don’t recognize the all Atlantic European championship as anything but part of his corny ass gimmick.

    I’ll say it, Tony Khan is burying MJF for all the 2024 talk. MJF will be a bigtime heel under HHH. That will have me watching WWE again and I’ll drop AEW entirely. I almost did but let’s see with collision.

    He signed an injured tag team that can’t compete against FTR for some time. FTR is in limbo, god they signed for the money I promise you. They said let’s make the most of our final contract.

    Last of all, because of the way this whole thing has played out, the YOUNG BUCKS AND KENNY OMEGA will never be signed anywhere else! No way Vince and triple h would want those clowns, and if they got signed they will be buried deeper than the deepest burial. Their careers will end as a joke.

  4. Punk has said multiple times on camera that he always takes care of his friends and brings them along if he is making it big. Did these buffoons REALLY think Punk wouldn't do it this time, specially after we have seen him do exactly in the past? 🤭🤭

  5. It's only confusing if you don't consider it from the angle that it's Punk who has reneged on what had been agreed, maybe having misunderstood or misinterpreted what had been agreed, or readily understood the strength of the position he'd be in at this point if the Steel situation hadn't been resolved to his satisfaction. From the AEW/Tony Khan side, there is exponentially more to loose from getting into some bizarre trivial deal breaker at this stage involving Ace Steel, why would he? Steel already works there, there's clearly no great issue from the company side. Punk can readily afford to 'jack around', he has Tony by the balls and little to lose. We've already seen from the infamous press conference that he has no qualms about publicly embarrassing Tony Khan… Cornette would have killed him had he been put in the same situation! I like Punk as a performer and AEW really needs him, but he clearly knows how to play the game…

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