Introducing our Featured Speakers: Sergio García, Specialist & Erika Escolar, Head of Capital Energy Quantum


Welcome to our channel! In this exciting video, we introduce you to two esteemed speakers: Sergio García, Specialist, and Erika Escolar, Head of Capital Energy Quantum. They are both part of our lineup for Startup OLÉ, an innovative event uniting the brightest minds in the startup world.

Sergio García, from the renowned Capital Energy Quantum, shares his passion for our event and his high expectations for this year’s edition. As a corporate venture fund with a mission to revolutionize the energy sector through technology, Capital Energy Quantum strives to build an impressive energy tech portfolio. They are determined to shape the future of the industry in the coming years!

Our speakers represent a diverse range of expertise, including startups, corporates, investors, innovation, matchmaking, tech, verticals, media, institutions, key players, entrepreneurs, pitch, accelerators, and governments. By bringing together such a wide array of perspectives, Startup OLÉ guarantees a stimulating and dynamic experience for all attendees.

Join us this September at the highly anticipated Startup OLÉ event, where groundbreaking ideas and collaborations flourish. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with industry pioneers, learn from experts, and explore the latest trends in the startup ecosystem.

For more information about Startup OLÉ and our remarkable speakers, visit the official website: [Startup OLÉ](

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ergio García, Specialist & Erika Escolar Head of Capital Energy Quantum is one of our many confirmed speakers to start promoting his participation in Startup OLÉ.

In this video he tells us what he likes most about our event and what he expects from this year’s edition.

#startups #event #video

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