Insights from Event Tech Live: First Sight Media’s Experiences with Livestreaming

# **About the Video: How First Sight Media Powers Event Tech Live Across In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Formats**

In this episode of the Event Industry News Podcast, James Dixon interviews Richard Belcher, Director of First Sight Media, a leading streaming and production company. First Sight Media is a valuable partner in delivering Event Tech Live (ETL) in its various formats, including in-person, hybrid, and virtual.

Richard provides an in-depth overview of the role First Sight Media plays at ETL, both front of house and behind the scenes. He discusses the shift in audience perspectives post-pandemic, the importance of community building, pre-event marketing strategies, the fear of missing out (FOMO), audience engagement, blended content, sustainable practices, and the value of livestreaming.

With ETL as the backdrop, Richard and James delve into the concept of the metaverse and “always on” experiences. They also touch on DJ Graffiti, the significance of webinars, breaking down the barriers between hybrid and blended events, and the highlights of the Bonus stage.

**Keywords/Tags**: Event Industry, Event Industry News, Event Management, Events

### **Timestamps**

0:00 Introduction
1:29 Richard Belcher explains First Sight Media’s role at Event Tech Live
5:45 Shifting audience perspectives post-pandemic
11:12 The dividends of community building
14:56 The power of pre-event marketing strategies
18:23 Overcoming the fear of missing out (FOMO)
20:36 Strategies to boost audience engagement
25:19 The rise of blended content
30:05 Prioritizing sustainability in event production
32:47 The value and impact of livestreaming
35:10 Exploring the metaverse and “always on” experiences
39:15 DJ Graffiti and its influence on events
42:39 The importance of webinars in the event industry
45:57 Breaking down the barriers between hybrid and blended events
48:43 Highlights of the Bonus stage at ETL

### **About First Sight Media**
First Sight Media is a leading streaming and production company, specializing in event production and livestreaming. With a dedicated team of professionals, they provide comprehensive support for events of all types, from award ceremonies to conferences to public lectures. First Sight Media played a significant role in delivering Event Tech Live, capturing and livestreaming over 100 sessions across four stages.

For more information about First Sight Media, visit their website: [First Sight Media](

### **About Event Tech Live**
Event Tech Live (ETL) is a highly anticipated event in the event industry, showcasing the latest technology and innovation in event management. It brings together professionals from all sectors of the events industry, including event organizers, suppliers, and technology providers. ETL offers a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploration of the latest event tech trends.

For more information about Event Tech Live, visit their website: [Event Tech Live](

Richard Belcher is director of streaming/production company First Sight Media, a key partner in delivering Event Tech Live (ETL) across its in-person, hybrid and virtual incarnations.

Richard starts this episode explaining what First Sight Media does at ETL, front of house and behind the scenes, going on to detail changing audience perspectives post-pandemic, the dividends from community building, pre-event marketing, FOMO, engagement, blended content, sustainability, and the value of livestream

With Event Tech Live as the context, Richard Belcher goes on to give host James Dickson a take on the metaverse and ‘always on’, DJ Graffiti, webinars, breaking the barrier between hybrid as a single broadcast and ‘blended’, the Bonus stage and much, much more…

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