Innovestor: An Insight into Monidor’s Experience

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Welcome to Monidor, a Finnish health-technology company dedicated to streamlining healthcare and enhancing patient safety during infusion treatments. With our cutting-edge product, Monidrop®, we revolutionize the way nurses conduct intravenous (IV) fluid therapy, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.

Our compact Monidrop® device is designed to minimize unnecessary steps in busy hospital wards, offering nurses a user-friendly solution. In addition, our remote-control software allows for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple IV therapies, providing nurses a significant boost in their ability to care for their patients. This remote monitoring system has proven invaluable, particularly during nighttime shifts, enabling nurses to manage the well-being of up to 30 patients single-handedly.

At Monidor, our focus is always on our customers. Through ongoing collaboration with hospitals, we continuously refine our product to meet the unique needs and perspectives of nurses and healthcare professionals. We are committed to improving the overall experience for both patients and nurses alike.

Innovestor, a renowned leader in venture capital investment, has been instrumental in propelling Monidor to new heights. With their support, we have successfully completed two rounds of funding, enabling us to drive product development and expand our presence in international markets. The seamless process of working with Innovestor has been a refreshing experience, as they bring a clear and organized approach to each funding round, ensuring timely and efficient completion.

Now, join us to learn more about our innovative infusion therapy solutions and the transformative impact they have on patient care. Subscribe to our channel for the latest updates and visit our website to see how Monidor is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals approach infusion therapy.

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*To learn more about Innovestor and our successful funding rounds, visit this [link](*

Suomalainen terveysteknologiayritys Monidor helpottaa hoitajien työtä ja parantaa potilasturvallisuutta infuusiohoidossa. Innovestor on toiminut lead investorina kahdella Monidorin viimeisimmällä rahoituskierroksella. Molemmat kierrokset saatiin vietyä selkeästi ja onnistuneesti läpi jopa odotettua nopeammalla aikataululla.
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