Experiences of Innovestor through the lens of Ruokaboksi

## Ruokaboksi: Delivering Fresh Ingredients and Recipes to Your Doorstep

Are you tired of contemplating what to cook every day? Look no further! Ruokaboksi has the perfect solution for you. Founded in 2017 by Vappu Pimiä and Jesse Fryckman, Ruokaboksi delivers carefully chosen ingredients and mouthwatering recipes right to your front door, eliminating the eternal question of “What should we eat today?”

With a dedicated team and a strong vision, Ruokaboksi has continually invested their vast knowledge and resources into expanding their business. In fact, in their very first fiscal year, they achieved an impressive revenue of 300.000 euros. And now, in 2020, they are aiming to reach an astonishing 10 million euros!

To attain their ambitious goals, Ruokaboksi joined forces with Innovestor in the spring of 2018. Beyond providing crucial funding for their growth, Innovestor has paved the way for private individuals and families to invest in Ruokaboksi. Through this opportunity, they were fortunate enough to connect with their esteemed Chairman of the Board, Kuisma Niemelä, the former CEO of S-ryhmä. With his wealth of experience, Niemelä has been an invaluable asset, offering guidance, expertise, and valuable networking connections.

Undeniably, the collaboration between Ruokaboksi and Innovestor has played a pivotal role in their current success. It has been the driving force behind their impressive growth. Working with Innovestor has been an effortless, transparent, and trustworthy partnership, ensuring the seamless development of Ruokaboksi.

Join the revolution and embrace the convenience and satisfaction that Ruokaboksi brings to the table. Say goodbye to mealtime dilemmas and revolutionize the way you cook. Place your order now and experience the joy of a delicious meal prepared effortlessly with Ruokaboksi!

For more information about Innovestor’s invaluable support in accelerating Ruokaboksi’s growth, read this insightful article: [Innovestor: Accelerating Ruokaboksi’s Growth in Multiple Ways](

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Innovestor on ollut Ruokaboksin toimitusjohtaja Juhana Rintalan mukaan keskeisessä asemassa siinä, että Ruokaboksi on nyt siinä pisteessä missä se on. Ruokaboksi on Innovestorin kautta saanut paukkuja kasvuun ja lisäksi yhteistyön myötä löytyi myös Ruokaboksin hallituksen puheenjohtaja Kuisma Niemelä, joka on aiemmin tunnettu muun muassa S-Ryhmän pääjohtajana.

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