# **Satria-1 Satellite: Empowering Indonesia’s Digital Society**

![Satria-1 Satellite](thumbnail_image_link)

Welcome to our YouTube channel! In this video, we dive into the remarkable launch of the Satria-1 satellite, paving the way for Indonesia’s digital transformation. Eng Hary Budiarto, the Head of Human Resources Research and Development Agency at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, sheds light on the incredible potential of Satria-1 in achieving Indonesia’s goal of becoming a digital society.

## **Key Highlights:**

– **Bridging the Digital Divide:** Satria-1 is the satellite Indonesia urgently needs to provide internet access to underdeveloped and Frontier outermost areas. With a network designed for resilience, this satellite will facilitate internet services at 50,000 public facilities, delivering impressive speeds of up to 4 Mbps.

– **Partnerships for Success:** Eng Hari Budiarto highlights the collaborative efforts between the Indonesian government agency and esteemed contractors like SpaceX and Tallas. This partnership ensures the efficient design and implementation of Satria-1, maximizing its ability to combat any ongoing threats to the network.

– **A Quantum Leap into the Digital Era:** As Indonesia embraces the digital era, Satria-1 serves as a momentous milestone. This satellite, built by Satellite News Antara 3 and assembled by failed Zelenia Space, holds the promise of revolutionizing communication systems and bringing digital empowerment to millions across Indonesia.

## **Investment Cost and Projection:**

The investment cost for the production of Satria-1 ranges from 450 million to 540 million US dollars. This substantial investment reflects the mission to create a technologically advanced satellite system that will accelerate Indonesia’s digital growth and socio-economic progress.

Join us in witnessing the birth of a new era for Indonesia as Satria-1 Satellite sets its course for transforming the nation into a thriving digital society. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more engaging content on the latest technological breakthroughs.

🔗 Find more information about Satria-1 on the [Ministry of Communication and Informatics’ website](source_link_1) and [Satellite News Antara 3’s official page](source_link_2).

![Satellite Launch](launch_image_link)

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Head of Human Resources Research and Development Agency, of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics -eng Hary Budiarto, said Satria-1 is a satellite that is needed to support Indonesia in each goal to become a digital society.

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