Innovestor: Luxmet’s Experience with the Platform

## Luxmet – Light Analysis and Control Solutions for the Metallurgy Industry

Welcome to the Luxmet YouTube channel! We specialize in developing cutting-edge measurement and control solutions for the metallurgy industry, based on advanced light analysis technology. With the support of Innovestor’s venture capital investment, we have been able to rapidly expand our presence in the international market.

But Innovestor is more than just an investor to us. They have become an integral part of the Luxmet team, sharing our passion for success. Check out this article [here]( to learn more about our collaboration with Innovestor.

At Luxmet, our journey began over a decade ago at the University of Oulu, where the physics department started researching the potential of electric arc plasma. This groundbreaking discovery led our process metallurgy team to realize that this technology could revolutionize the steel industry by solving numerous challenges.

Join us as we discuss the origins of Luxmet and the commercialization potential of our flagship product, ArcSpec. ArcSpec is a cutting-edge real-time measuring and control system for electric arc furnaces. By directly gathering light from the process and analyzing it, our system provides valuable insights into what is happening within the furnace, enabling precise control and optimization of the entire process.

With our advanced technology, you can ensure that each stage of the process occurs at the right time, resulting in remarkable improvements and efficiencies. That’s why we decided to seek venture capital investment from Innovestor to propel our international growth.

Surprisingly, our partnership with Innovestor was established swiftly, with a shared vision for the future. They recognized the value of our company and the immense potential of our technology on a global scale. We believe that Innovestor’s expertise will be instrumental in our journey towards further success.

Join us on this exciting venture as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the metallurgy industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and stay updated on the latest developments in light analysis technology!

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Luxmet kehittää valoanalyysiin perustuvia mittaus- ja ohjausratkaisuja metalliteollisuuteen. Innovestorin pääomasijoituksen avulla uutta teknologiaa on voitu lähteä markkinoimaan kansainvälisesti hyvin nopealla aikataululla. Innovestor ei kuitenkaan ole ollut “vain sijoittaja”, vaan ennemmin osa Luxmetin tiimiä.

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