Identifying a Hidden B2B Gem: Insights from Point Nine’s Ricardo Sequerra Amram

## YouTube Video Description – “Assessing Bare-Bone Prototypes for B2B Scaling | This Much I Know Ep. 34”

In this episode of “This Much I Know,” Carlos Espinal sits down with Ricardo Sequerra Amram, partner at Point Nine Capital, to discuss how Ricardo assesses bare-bone prototypes for viability and scalability in the B2B venture space.

Point Nine Capital, known for their successful investments in companies like Delivery Hero, Zendesk, Typeform, Clio, and Vend, has a deep understanding of the European B2B startup ecosystem. Ricardo, with his experience as an early-stage investor at Seedcamp, Cherry Ventures, and now at Point Nine, shares valuable insights into identifying startup potential at the pre-version 1.1 development stage.

According to Ricardo, one of the most exciting aspects of their due diligence process is understanding the founder’s rationale behind the chosen features for their prototypes. The clarity of thought and insights gained from years of industry experience greatly shape their assessment of a startup’s potential for growth.

If you’re interested in venture capital and B2B startups, this conversation between Ricardo and Carlos is a must-listen. They also delve into Ricardo’s journey into venture capital and how Point Nine evaluates backable prototypes and successful B2B entrepreneurs.

Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion! Tune in now to gain insights from one of Europe’s best-known B2B venture capital firms.

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“That’s what gets us super excited — being able to see a product that fits a very specific need in the market, that even if it’s built super roughly, already exposes the needs that the founder has identified.”

Few know the B2B venture space in Europe better than Point Nine Capital. From Delivery Hero and Zendesk, which both IPO’d, to Typeform, Clio, and Vend, the Point Nine team knows how to spot a startup poised for growth. As an early-stage investor at Seedcamp, Cherry, and now as a partner at Point Nine, Ricardo Sequerra Amram spends his days speaking with founders who are at the pre-version 1.1 development stage of a product. In this episode of This Much I Know, Carlos Espinal dives into how Ricardo assesses these bare-bone prototypes and determines their viability to scale.

“A magical moment throughout our due-diligence is when we are going through the product with the founder and he is explaining to us why he built such a feature first and why exactly is it that this particular part of the product is important for the prototype, and why he didn’t build the other feature,” Ricardo says. “That’s where the clarity of thought and insight that was generated throughout years of industry experience comes out.”

Listen in as Ricardo and Carlos discuss Ricardo’s path into venture capital, and how Point Nine thinks about what makes up a backable prototype and successful B2B entrepreneur.

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