GameStop’s pursuit of significance in the aftermath of meme-stock frenzy will not involve crypto wallets, as it plans to discontinue them due to the prevailing “regulatory uncertainty”

**GameStop Discontinues Crypto Wallet as Regulatory Uncertainty Looms**

**The Decline of GameStop: A Missed Opportunity**

Once a dominant player in the video game retail industry, GameStop has struggled to maintain its position in recent years. Online marketplaces have become increasingly popular among consumers, leading to a decline in brick-and-mortar store sales. In an attempt to reverse its fortunes, GameStop announced the launch of a crypto wallet in May 2022, hoping to tap into the growing interest in digital assets. However, the company recently revealed its decision to discontinue the wallet due to regulatory uncertainty in the crypto space.

**GameStop’s Decision: The End of the Wallet**

GameStop made the announcement regarding the discontinuation of its crypto wallet through a banner on its website. The wallet, which could be accessed through iOS and Google Chrome, allowed users to store tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Customers were advised to ensure they had access to their seed phrase (a random string of words used to access crypto wallets) by October 1. The company attributed its decision to the regulatory uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies.

**Corporate America’s Reluctance Towards Digital Assets**

GameStop’s abandonment of its crypto wallet is reflective of a broader trend in corporate America. Many companies are hesitant to fully embrace digital assets and Web3, especially in light of increased regulatory scrutiny from entities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Meta, the company previously known as Facebook, recently shifted its focus to artificial intelligence after rebranding itself as a metaverse company. PayPal also paused its plans for a stablecoin due to an investigation into its partner, Paxos, by a regulatory body in New York. Additionally, Robinhood, the popular trading app that gained prominence during the GameStop stock frenzy, delisted several cryptocurrencies following regulatory pressure from the SEC.

**GameStop’s Efforts to Stay Relevant**

In 2021, GameStop experienced a surge in its stock price, reaching a peak of $483. This increase was driven by the meme-stock craze and the sudden interest in so-called joke stocks. In an effort to capitalize on this newfound relevance, the company appointed Ryan Cohen, the founder of online pet store Chewy, as its executive chairman. Cohen spearheaded various changes within the company, including ventures into NFTs and crypto. GameStop launched its crypto wallet and subsequently introduced a new NFT marketplace. Despite these efforts, the marketplace has struggled to gain traction, with trading volumes reaching only in the millions, as opposed to the hundreds of millions or billions seen on larger NFT platforms like Blur and OpenSea.

**The Road Ahead for GameStop**

The discontinuation of GameStop’s crypto wallet highlights the challenges faced by the company and its peers in the retail industry. As the regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies remains uncertain, many businesses are hesitant to fully embrace digital assets. GameStop’s foray into the crypto space was a missed opportunity to rejuvenate its business and capture the growing demand for NFTs. Moving forward, the company will need to reassess its strategy and identify new avenues for growth to remain relevant in an evolving market.

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