French ClimateTech Leader Kayrros Secures €40M in New Funding with Early Backing from Cathay Innovation

**Title:** Kayrros: Leading the Way in Climate and Energy Data Analytics with €40M Series C Investment



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Welcome to [YOUR CHANNEL NAME], where we bring you the latest insights and innovations in climate and energy data analytics. In this video, we are thrilled to discuss the groundbreaking accomplishments of French company Kayrros, who has secured a remarkable €40M Series C investment. This significant funding round was led by Cathay Innovation, in collaboration with the French Public Investment Bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB), NewSpace Capital, OperaTech Ventures, and other strategic partners.

**Kayrros: Revolutionizing Climate and Energy Data Analytics**

Kayrros is at the forefront of the climate and energy data analytics industry, revolutionizing the way organizations manage climate risks and implement sustainable strategies. Leveraging their cutting-edge geospatial detection technologies, Kayrros provides invaluable insights into the climate footprint of economic activities.

**Helping Organizations Achieve Critical Sustainability Goals**

By partnering with both private and public-sector organizations, Kayrros empowers businesses to make informed decisions that effectively address climate challenges. Their innovative data analytics solutions enable stakeholders to identify and manage risks related to carbon emissions, accelerating the successful implementation of low-carbon transition strategies.

**Investment Details and Strategic Collaboration**

This €40M Series C investment represents a strong vote of confidence in Kayrros’ vision and capabilities. With this funding, Kayrros will further enhance its data analytics platform, empowering even more organizations to harness the power of geospatial detection technologies. The strategic collaboration with industry leaders, such as Cathay Innovation, the French Public Investment Bank, EIB, NewSpace Capital, and OperaTech Ventures, not only demonstrates the trust in Kayrros’ expertise but also highlights the synergy between these renowned entities in driving innovation and sustainability.

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Cathay Innovation has reinvested in French climate and energy data analytics company Kayrros, raising a €40M Series C with the French Public Investment Bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB), NewSpace Capital, OperaTech Ventures and others. The company’s groundbreaking geospatial detection technologies, assessing the climate footprint of economic activity, help private and public-sector organizations manage climate risks, implement low-carbon transition strategies and achieve critical sustainability goals.

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