“Extended Duration of Reddit Blackout: Evolving from a Two-Day Event to an Indefinite Suspension”

**Reddit Blackout: Protesting Moderators Vow to Keep Popular Channels Offline Indefinitely**

The Reddit blackout, initially planned as a two-day event, has taken an unexpected turn. Protesting moderators, strengthened by leaked comments made by CEO Steve Huffman in an internal memo, have vowed to keep popular channels offline indefinitely. The resolve of these moderators shows no signs of weakening, despite Huffman’s attempts to downplay the impact of the blackout.

**Huffman’s Downplayed Response Fuels Determination of Protestors**

According to an internal memo leaked to The Verge, Huffman downplayed the blackout’s significance. He stated that the company has not experienced any significant revenue impact thus far and dismissed the issue as just another passing blowup on Reddit. However, his dismissive tone has only served to fuel the determination of protesting moderators.

**Over 6,000 Subreddits Remain Dark**

As of 11:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, over 6,000 subreddits were still dark, with a considerable number restricting access. This means that Reddit users can view old posts but are unable to create new ones. Among the subreddits that remain offline are the immensely popular r/funny, r/Music, r/science, and r/DIY. These channels collectively boast millions of subscribers, highlighting the extent of the blackout’s impact.

**Moderators Still Unsatisfied Despite Small Concessions**

One of the moderators, SpicyThunder, provided an update on the situation. They stated that despite Reddit making some concessions, such as restoring a popular archiving tool, the core concerns of the moderators have not been addressed. They expressed frustration with Reddit’s silence since the blackout began and emphasized that their dissatisfaction remains unalleviated.

**The Controversy Surrounding Reddit’s API Policy Change**

The crux of the issue lies in Reddit’s decision to impose charges on certain third-party apps to access their application programming interface (API). This API powers popular third-party tools that offer users an alternative way to browse Reddit’s forums. Reddit claims that the API fees are necessary to cover the costs of providing an ad-free experience. However, this decision has faced significant backlash, with various popular tools announcing their shutdown due to the prohibitive costs imposed by the API fees.

**Huffman Warns Employees of Growing Sentiment Against Reddit**

In his memo, Huffman also cautioned employees to be mindful of the public’s growing sentiment against the company. He advised them to avoid wearing Reddit gear in public, acknowledging that some individuals are genuinely upset, and the last thing he wants is for employees to become targets of their frustrations.

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