Explaining the robots from my intro – part 1!

# Discovering the Role of AI and Robotics in Energy Efficiency with Maxime, AI Researcher from Berkeley AI Research

Join AI researcher and roboticist Maxime as he shares his deep insights on the intersection of robotics and AI to propel energy efficiency in American homes. As a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holder in AI and robotics from the University of California, Berkeley, and a former research scientist at Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR), Maxime puts forward his engineering and designing skills to create innovative solutions for climate change.

Maxime’s work on six-legged robots for a competition hosted by the Department of Energy is something to look out for. This competition targeted the creation of robotic solutions to reduce energy consumption in homes, particularly in crawl spaces and attics. His robots autonomously navigate through the narrow spaces of your home, detecting thermal leaks, and carrying out retrofitting activities. But what makes these robots interesting? Maxime explains that these robots move their 18 joints 30 times per second based on data coming from accelerometers and gyroscopes. That means they are acting on their own, without any external control!

With his expertise and academic achievements, Maxime proves his competence in the field of AI and robotics. Subscribe to his channel, [Maximejkb] (, to keep up with his exciting work!

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My name is Maxime and I’m an AI researcher. I studied at the intersection of AI and robotics for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m currently a research scientist in industry, and I was formerly at Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research, one of the world’s foremost AI research groups.

I’ve worked on robotics, automated skin cancer detection, neural-network-based image compression, and behavioral modeling to detect financial crimes.

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