Expert Copywriter & SEO Specialist: George Soros Warns About A.I.’s Menace to Democracies and Its Empowering Effect on Authoritarians—with No Visible Solution in Sight

**A.I. and its Threat to Democracies: George Soros’ Concerns**

**A Grave Danger: George Soros and Artificial Intelligence**

Renowned billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros expresses doubts about the ability to stop the advancements of artificial intelligence (A.I.). However, he firmly believes that this technology poses a grave danger to democracies around the world, granting authoritarians powerful new surveillance capabilities. Soros highlights that A.I. is particularly proficient at producing control instruments that aid closed societies in surveilling their subjects. In a recent Project Syndicate essay, he identifies a “polycrisis” facing the world, ranking A.I., climate changes, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the foremost sources. Soros emphasizes the need for global regulations on A.I. due to the potential to gain unfair advantages by evading regulatory measures.

**A.I.’s Mortal Threat to Open Societies**

While Soros agrees with experts who advocate for the regulation of A.I., he also asserts that such regulations must be globally enforceable. He acknowledges that global regulations are quite challenging to achieve, given the conflict between open and closed societies. In open societies, the role of the state is to defend individual freedom, while in closed societies, individuals are expected to serve the interests of the rulers. Soros states that the future implications of A.I. technology remain uncertain. However, he firmly believes that A.I. is a powerful tool that aids closed societies and poses a mortal threat to open societies. Despite his instinctive opposition to A.I., Soros confesses that he does not know how its development can be halted.

**The Impact of A.I. on Open Society Foundations**

Open Society Foundations, the influential nonprofit organization established by Soros, recently announced a plan to reduce at least 40% of its staff in the coming months. Soros, who has frequently been targeted by far-right groups, has generously donated over $32 billion to the organization. Open Society Foundations supports various liberal causes, including initiatives related to climate change and criminal justice reform. Soros has relinquished control of the organization to his 37-year-old son, Alex. The younger Soros, who describes himself as more politically inclined than his father, intends to continue supporting progressive causes as long as opposing forces persist.

**A.I.’s Role in Future Elections**

Soros anticipates the significant role that A.I. will play in upcoming U.S. elections. However, he expresses concern about the potential dangers associated with this involvement. A.I. possesses a remarkable ability to produce disinformation and deep fakes, making room for numerous malicious actors. Soros acknowledges that he does not possess the answer to this predicament and hopes that the issue receives the attention it deserves.

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