AMAZING! Story of a Second Grade Student Who Already Became a Professional “Fashion Designer” I INSPIRE

# Title: Inspiring Fashion Design by 2nd Grader | Interview with Young Designer Janet

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In this inspiring episode of “Program Inspirasi” on Tribun Jabar’s YouTube channel, we are honored to have a very special guest, Janet, a talented second grader who has demonstrated incredible fashion design skills. Despite her young age, Janet has created extraordinary designs that have caught the attention of many.

As the interview progresses, we learn more about Janet’s journey in fashion design. We discover how she started with simple drawings and transformed them into stunning outfits made from balloons. Her passion and creativity led her to participate in Jogja Fashion, where she showcased her unique designs.

Throughout the video, Janet’s mother (Cici) shares insights into their experiences and the support they received. Cici emphasizes the importance of consistency and dedication in pursuing one’s passions. She also mentions how Janet’s designs have evolved and how she has continued to create more pieces while waiting for the next fashion show.

It’s incredible to witness Janet’s talent and the potential she has for becoming a successful designer in the future. Her ability to visualize and transform her ideas into tangible designs is truly commendable.

Watch the full interview and be inspired by Janet’s story of passion, determination, and artistic growth.

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