Erika Escolar from Capital Energy Quantum speaks at STARTUP OLÉ ’21 intervention

**Title: Erika Escolar at StartupOlé: Capital Energy’s Role in Transforming the Energy Sector**

*Keywords: Erika Escolar, Capital Energy Quantum, corporate venturing, startups, energy, renewable energy*

Join Erika Escolar, director of Capital Energy Quantum, as she takes part in an engaging panel discussion at the prestigious StartupOlé event. StartupOlé is a key platform within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, bringing together industry experts, innovators, and emerging startups.

In this video, Erika shares valuable insights on Capital Energy’s mission to collaborate and invest in cutting-edge startups in the energy sector. As we embark on a crucial period of energy transition, Capital Energy recognizes the importance of a fair, sustainable, and digitally-driven transformation. Through the creation of Quantum, their dedicated capital fund, Capital Energy aims to drive innovation and support startups in Spain and Portugal.

With an impressive 20 million euros allocated for investments between 2020 and 2024, Capital Energy offers three powerful tools that align with industry trends. These include venture capital financing, direct investments in promising ventures, and venture client initiatives, which serve as essential pilot projects for startups to validate their business models. For both parties involved, this collaboration is a valuable learning experience, enabling Capital Energy’s business units to explore a wide range of solutions and select the most effective ones.

The video also highlights Capital Energy’s venture-building strategy, an up-and-coming approach that seeks to launch their first venture later this year. In addition to direct investments, Capital Energy has successfully closed deals with Lewitt and Solum, contributing to advancements in hybrid storage systems and micro-mobility technologies respectively. Moreover, they have partnered with various companies to conduct pilots focusing on end-users, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Stay informed and gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of corporate venturing and the energy industry by watching this enlightening panel discussion. For more information on StartupOlé, visit their official website [here](

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Erika Escolar, directora de Capital Energy #Quantum, ha participado en una de las mesas redondas de #StartupOlé, uno de los eventos más importantes del ecosistema emprendedor.

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