Scammers Utilize Artificial Intelligence for Fraudulent Activities

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Welcome to Twin States News, your source for the latest news and updates from Mississippi and Alabama! In this video, we discuss the potential risks AI poses to Americans and the efforts being made by Congress to address them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly smarter, and as a result, Congress is working to keep up with the potential dangers it may pose. One of the concerning aspects of AI is its ability to manipulate voices, as highlighted by the story of Jennifer Di Stefano, who shared her daughter’s experience with AI-powered scammers at a Senate Judiciary hearing.

During the hearing, lawmakers discussed the rise in sex torsion cases, where criminals exploit AI technology to create sexually explicit images that are then used to intimidate victims. This alarming trend has prompted urgent calls for action.

Industry experts stress the importance of treating AI with the same level of urgency as national security and prioritizing job creation and civil liberties. Senators have been actively engaged in discussions about AI’s potential dangers and its usage, acknowledging the need for a game plan to address this issue effectively.

Bipartisan bills have emerged recently, aiming to create a new agency tasked with tracking AI advancements in rival countries like China. While there is progress, it remains unclear what specific actions Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to take this year.

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