Episode 2: “The Boy No Longer Recognized by His Family!” | #TheFamily

# Boy William’s Disneyland Adventure | The Family Reality Show

Welcome to Boy William’s YouTube channel! In this episode of The Family Reality Show, join us as we take our kids to Disneyland for the first time. They are incredibly excited to meet their favorite characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Little did we know, even at a young age, they are fearless and ready to take on the roller coasters.

Unfortunately, we were caught filming inside Disneyland and were asked to stop. But don’t worry, we have Marcus, our cameraman, coming to the rescue with behind-the-scenes footage just for you. Enjoy the adventure!

Growing up, Boy faced the pressure to follow a traditional path of getting an education before pursuing his career. But he believes that having a degree doesn’t guarantee success. Look at Bill Gates, who dropped out of college and still became a billionaire. Boy himself is successful in his sales career without a degree, proving that there are multiple paths to success.

Join us as we indulge in one of our favorite family activities – wine tasting at the winery. It’s always a great opportunity for our large family to bond and have a great time. We even have a villa here! Who would have thought we would have our own villa?

We also discuss the importance of education as it relates to our children’s future. Boy’s oldest daughter, Stella, has a strong academic focus and expects everyone, including her siblings, to follow in her footsteps. However, Boy brings up the fact that many successful individuals in the world didn’t finish school and still managed to achieve greatness.

Throughout the episode, we get a glimpse of the challenges of filming a reality show. Stella suddenly becomes uncooperative, which puts the production schedule at risk. But we strive to find a solution and finish the season.

Join us on our upcoming trip to Las Vegas, where we hope Stella will be more cooperative. This is just the reality of filming a show like ours, where conflicts and surprises arise, but we continue to navigate through them as a family.

We are incredibly grateful for the life we have and recognize that it all started with our parents. Thank you to them for providing us with so many opportunities.

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  1. Lebih setuju sama Mario sih yang soal ga punya Ijazah..
    Boy itu mmg udah berasal dari keluarga kelas atas, sekolah aja di amrik, belum lagi koneksi2 dari mama nya
    Ibarat boy ga masuk ke dunia ent, masih ada mama nya yang bisa support dia dari blkg, modalin bisnis apapun itu..
    Lah gimana dgn masyarakat yg menengah kebawah, yang ortunya masih kerja di desa..
    Mati2an kuliahin anaknya ke kota besar, ga ada ijazah kebanyakan nasibnya juga luntang lantung nyari kerja karena ga mau / takut malu balik ke desa

  2. Boy lain kali jgn nyindir ibu 2 anak gt ditempat umum saat lagi happy. Kasian. Justru yg msh single hrs bs jd memahami yg urus anak2. Krn pasti ribet. Untung stella rendah hati mau minta maaf lbh dlu. Tp sng nya klrga yg bgini. Saling cepet maaf memaafkan. Minta maaf tdk tggu besok. Tp hr itu jg. Mmg mereka sk debat. Akhirnya panas. Ada yg teringgung dan ada yg nyolot. Tp okelah. Krn saling cepet memaafkan

  3. Bagus nih Nyari duitnya diindonesia eeh, hambur²innya dinegri orang hadddeuh amsyong deh! Semoga gk bnyk y orang kaya diindonesia begini kita harus bangga berwisata didlm negri indonesia aj ikut program pemerintah menaikan devisa negara, menambah kemakmuran, serta kesejahteraan daerah bahkan negara kita sendiri

  4. Asli keren bgt seriesnya. Tp buat boy mungkin bisa turunin ego kali ya, apa lg kalau nantinya punya pasangan. Itu stella anaknya 2 lho, pagi2 pasti ribet bgt, mana pas kalian bawain makanan cuma kentang doang, padahal pas dine in pada makan enak. Being mom is hard. Jgn ngepush dia bgt lah untuk shooting 🥺

  5. Dari sini gua punya inspirasi yang luarbiasa, jadi orang itu harus kreatif harus pinter jangan goblok, i like apalagi Oma kayanya dia orangnya happy, terus oma kayanya bisa bahasa Sunda soalnya tadi ada bahasa GELO hahay duh oma lucu serasa di Tasikmalaya 🤣 sehat selalu OMA

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