The Family Season 3: Ayu’s Encounter with Oma – Episode 1

## The Family Season 3: Behind the Scenes of Boy William’s Real Life at Home

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**Original Air Dates: Episodes 1 on April 11, 2023 | Episodes 2 on April 13, 2023 | Episodes 3 on April 18, 2023 | Episodes 4 on April 20, 2023**

Welcome to Season 3 of “The Family”! In this season, Boy William takes you behind the scenes of his real life in his hometown, Jakarta. Explore the city and get to know the man behind the camera.

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### Episode Transcript:

Boy: The Family Season 3. Boy: Sick place, huh? Crazy right. Yosi: Super sick! How’d you find this place? Ica: It’s like Bali. Yosi: Yeah. Boy: It’s like Bali but on a rooftop.

Boy: So hey you guys, it’s another season guys welcome to Season 3. But this time we ain’t going anywhere, we are in my hometown. This is Jakarta. I’m gonna take you guys around behind the scenes of my real life here… at home. Boy: Can I have some sunscreen? Yosi: Here. Boy: Scarlett’s crazy ain’t it? Ica: Is that their new product? Boy: They come up with like a new product all the time. Ica: Wow. Yosi: And their product is actually very good. Like they’ve got a wide variety but they’re all legit. Boy: Yeah. The sunscreen is really good. Ica: SPF 50? Boy: Yeah. 50++ not just 50. Boy: Actually you guys, I lied. It is SPF 50 PA+++. Even better. Boy: You really have to try it. Ica: Is that for face? Oma: I use that too! Oma: Hello, it’s me again! Your favorite. The one and only… Oma. Oma: So girls, the other day I went to the mall with Boy and some people came up to us asking for some pictures. At first, I thought they wanted a picture with Boy, but in fact, they wanted one with me, and not with him. Yosi: Anyone wanted one with Boy? Oma: No. Boy: Alrighty, your Majesty.

Boy: So this season, based on your comments, we’ve been reading the comments you guys. And we’ve received all the criticism and advice from you guys. So here we are trying to give you what you want. Boy: So did you guys enjoy last season? Ica: Yeah, you made us look pretty hot. Why’d you have to mention bringing in Ayu Ting Ting as a special guest? She wasn’t even there. Boy: I mean, yeah, I know but, it’s for the poster and stuff like that. Like we talked about her. Ica: I know that, but… Yosi: A special guest should have an appearance. If you just talk about her, it’s different from being a special guest. Ica: If I was watching it, I’d feel scammed. Yosi: That should just be the title, not a special guest thing. I think. Boy: Right. Yosi: Did you read the comments? Everyone was enraged. Ica: They were like where’s Ayu? Where is she? I was with them. Yosi: I was one of those people who commented shit on your channel. Boy: Okay to be honest, you guys. Last season as a content creator, I used a little bit of clickbait, but that’s normal stuff guys. We already came to an agreement with Ayu to use her as the poster. Ica: Are you going to give them Ayu? Boy: This season? Ica: Yes. Boy: Why not? Ica: Oma, do you want to meet and shoot with Ayu? Oma: They keep talking about Boy and Ayu but Boy’s never introduced her to me. Bring her over. It can’t just be on the news, I gotta get to know her too. Yosi: Call her, call her. Boy: Okay, I’ll call her. Boy: Babe, where you at? Ayu: I’m at home. Boy: Btw, I’ve started shooting my Family Season 3, the cameras are rolling right now. Oma says she wants to meet you. Ayu: Huh? Bullshit. Boy: I’m serious. She’s next to me right now. Ayu: Nah, I can’t I’m too scared, you go do it. Boy: What? I meet her every day dummy. Ayu: I’m scared shit. Boy: I’ll be with you, don’t worry about it. Ayu: Alright. Boy: Bye babe. Ayu: Bye, see you. Boy: Bye. Boy: That’s what you want right? Follow this season. Waiter: Boy, can I get a picture? Boy: Oh yeah, sure. Waiter: With Oma. Boy: Oh, okay… Go for it. Oma: Look what I said, they want pictures with me right. Why do they want pictures with an old granny like me? Ayu: Let’s go. Where we heading after this? Ragil: Where else? The usual… “Lapor Pak”. Ayu: The usual? Are we going home? I usually go home after. Ragil: You’re kidding me. When have we gone home after Brownis? Ayu: I’m obviously just messing with you, super pissed that it’s raining today. Look at how muddy the car is now. Ayu: Hi, I’m Ayu Ting Ting. This time, I’m actually here. Unlike last season where they just talked about me, I’m here in the flesh this time. Ayu: Boy called me yesterday and he said that Oma wanted to meet me. I’m scared as shit. Ragil: Why? She’s not gonna bite, just go meet her. Ayu: That’s not it, I just don’t know what I should talk about when I meet her. Ayu: And this time around, I’m gonna be introduced to Boy’s Oma. I’m scared shit. I’m actually the type to freak out when I have to meet someone older than me. What should I do? I don’t want to, I can’t. How’d I get in this mess, someone save me. Ragil: Isn’t Oma the type to call you out as an idiot? Ayu: You’re not helping here, I’m scared as shit. Ragil: There’s nothing to worry about, I bet she’s nice! Ayu: Me and Boy are from two completely different worlds. Culturally, he’s so white whereas I’m so Indonesian. You gotta be super careful to connect those two worlds together. Ayu: I mean like, how do I greet her? Kiss her hand? Ragil: How else? She’s older than you, where are your manners? Ragil: Hi Oma… Ayu: What if she pulls back? Ragil: I doubt it, she won’t do that. Ayu: Wow, you besties with her huh? Ayu: Gil, they’re Chinese right. Why don’t you teach me how to say ‘hello’ in Mandarin? Ragil: Like you wanna know how to greet them in Mandarin? Wait lemme check. Ragil: Oh, it’s not that hard. Let’s say you wanna say hi and ask if she’s eaten yet, just say this: “Ni hao nai nai ni chi fan le ma?” Ragil: Easy right. Ayu: Don’t joke around with Chinese people like that. Ragil: Go read it yourself. Ayu: I doubt it. Ayu: “Ni hao nai nai ni chi fan le ma?” Ragil: I told you so. Seems legit. Ayu: Was that actually right? Don’t just laugh. I don’t want to sound like an idiot. Ragil taught me that. Ayu: Alright let’s give it a go. You be Oma. Ragil: “Ni hao ma, Ayu?” Ayu: “Ni hao”. Oma “Ni hao nai nai ni chi fan le ma?” Ayu: If she goes on and continues speaking in Mandarin I won’t know how to respond to her. Let’s just not speak Mandarin. Ragil: You’re the one who asked for it, idiot. Boy: Whatsup guys! Mario & Stella: Yo… Boy: So here I am you guys, meeting Mario and Stella at the gym. It’s like their new hobby



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EPS. 3 tayang 18 April 2023
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