Enhancing Work-Based Learning: A Webinar for Employers Exploring Classrooms and Workplaces

## **”Classrooms + Workplaces: Partnering for Work-Based Learning Opportunities” Webinar**

Welcome to the recording of the “Classrooms + Workplaces” webinar, where we explore how employers can collaborate with schools to support work-based learning opportunities. Join us as we discuss various programs, including Registered Apprenticeships, internships, and more! This webinar took place on March 29, 2023.

For more information about work-based learning programs, visit [Earn and Learn Iowa](

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**Episode Transcript:**

Good morning, everyone! I’m Linda Fandall, Governor’s liaison for work-based learning based at Iowa Workforce Development. We are thrilled to have over 170 employers joining us for today’s “Classrooms + Workplaces” webinar, where we will be discussing building work-based learning partnerships. But first, let me introduce Beth Townsend, director of Iowa Workforce Development, to welcome you and our special guest, Director Chad Aldis from the Department of Education. [^1^][^2^]

Director Townsend: Thank you, Linda! We appreciate your participation and interest in learning about work-based learning. This collaboration between Iowa Workforce Development and the Department of Education exemplifies the great work we can accomplish when we work together. I’d now like to welcome Director Aldis and give him an opportunity to say hello. [^1^][^2^]

Director Aldis: Good morning, everyone. It’s great to be here. I’m excited to learn more about Iowa’s progress in work-based learning. Thank you for having me. [^1^][^2^]

Director Townsend: Thank you, Director Aldis. Governor Reynolds and the various organizations involved in this webinar are dedicated to helping you explore and expand work-based learning. Work-based learning offers students rewarding career opportunities across various industries, such as advanced manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and information technology. It also allows employers to build early talent pipelines. With 40 percent of recent Iowa high school graduates choosing not to attend college, work-based learning becomes even more critical for their success. [^1^][^3^]

In this webinar, we will showcase Iowa’s best work-based learning models, ranging from engaging K-12 career development plans to internships and apprenticeships. Our goal is to ensure that all students have access to transformative work-based learning experiences and to remove barriers that hinder their success. [^1^][^3^]

To watch the full recording of this webinar and access additional resources, please visit [Earn and Learn Iowa]( We also encourage you to explore other Iowa Workforce Development resources, such as IowaWORKS offices and the Mission: Employable podcast. [^1^][^3^][^4^]

Thank you all for joining us, and we hope you find this webinar insightful and beneficial. If you have any questions, please use the Q&A feature to submit them. We will address as many questions as possible. Once again, thank you to the team behind this webinar, including Molly Elder and Lindy Eibling, for their hard work. Let’s continue to work together to advance work-based learning in Iowa. [^1^][^5^]

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[^4^]: [IowaWORKS – Official Website](
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Watch the “Classrooms + Workplaces”webinar about how employers can partner with schools to support work-based learning opportunities. Employers can build their early talent pipelines while students jump-start rewarding careers in advanced manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, information technology and other fields. We’ll talk about a variety of programs like Registered Apprenticeships, internships, and more!

This webinar is a recording from March 29, 2023.

Visit for more information about work-based learning programs.

Other Iowa Workforce Development Resources:

– To find your local IowaWORKS office, please visit

– To listen to full episodes of the #MissionEmployable #podcast, please visit:

– You can also find the Mission: Employable podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more.

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