Showcasing Project Based Learning

### **Leland & Gray Union Middle High School Project Based Learning Showcase**

Join us as we highlight the incredible work of our students! At the Leland & Gray Union Middle High School Project Based Learning Showcase, students from grades 6 to 12 present their innovative projects and explore the achievements of their classmates throughout the year.

Through this immersive learning experience, our students engage in project-based learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. They demonstrate their creativity, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills that are essential for their future success.

As you navigate through different tables at our showcase, you’ll witness the passion and enthusiasm our students have for their projects. This hands-on approach allows them to delve into topics they are truly interested in and develop valuable skills that are transferable across various subjects and future endeavors.

To kick off the showcase, we begin the day with an exciting rock band performance and a captivating puppet show. These engaging elements set the tone for an event that showcases the excellent work our students have accomplished throughout the year.

We are proud to provide our students with an environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and personal growth. Join us as we celebrate their achievements at the Leland & Gray Union Middle High School Project Based Learning Showcase.

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Students from Leland & Gray Union Middle High School visit different tables at the school to see what other projects their classmates did during the year at the Project Based Learning Showcase.

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