Anne Blum: Angular Ventures’ Head of Platform | Episode 179

## [YouTube video title: “From HR to Mobile Developer Outreach: Anne’s Journey in Tech and Venture Capital”]

### Description:

In this video, Anne, the Head of Platform at Angular Ventures, shares her fascinating journey in the tech and venture capital industry. From starting out in HR at Goldman Sachs to working in mobile developer outreach at Facebook, Anne eventually co-founded two accelerators and now helps European and Israeli startups break into the U.S. market with Angular Ventures.

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Throughout the interview, Anne discusses the importance of resilience and shares her insights on running accelerators, early-stage venture capital, and the challenges startups face when expanding into new markets. She also reveals her passion for botanics and gardening during quarantine, and how she turned her living room into a greenhouse.

### Keywords/Tags:
Anne Felten, Angular Ventures, tech industry, venture capital, HR, Goldman Sachs, mobile developer outreach, Facebook, accelerators, European startups, Israeli startups, U.S. market, resilience, gardening, quarantine

### Transcript:
[00:00] Introduction and Anne’s background
[04:22] Running accelerators and supporting startups
[09:15] Anne’s journey from HR to mobile developer outreach
[13:58] Insights on early-stage venture capital and breaking into the U.S. market
[18:40] Anne’s passion for botanics and gardening during quarantine

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Anne is the Head of Platform at Angular Ventures, focusing on providing portfolio companies with the connections and resources necessary to achieve their goals and scale globally. Previously she co-founded Ellis Accelerator and worked at Facebook, Goldman Sachs and German Accelerator. She graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University and has lived in Silicon Valley, Paris, London and NYC. Anne is also the Co-Chair of the Red Cross Young Patrons Board.

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