“Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter Leaves Co-Founder with a Heavy Heart, Reveals Twitter Co-Founder”

Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams Laments Post-Musk Twitter

Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder, has expressed disappointment at how Twitter has been run under the ownership of Elon Musk. In an interview with Bloomberg’s The Circuit with Emily Chang, Williams said that while he found the idea of Musk buying Twitter “interesting and fun” at first, he was saddened when the billionaire actually acquired the company for $44bn. He also stated that he believed that Musk had not yet got Twitter right and that the platform’s brand was irreparably damaged.

Musk’s Twitter Troubles

Since the acquisition of Twitter by Musk, the platform has been dogged by numerous technical issues, plummeting valuations and a mass exodus of advertisers and users in protest over the site’s changing policies. He has also come under fire for how he has steered the site, which critics claim has been transformed into a “far-right social network”.

Williams’ Criticism

Williams, who was the Twitter CEO in 2008-2010 and no longer holds shares in the company, has been a keen observer of the Musk-led Twitter’s unfolding dramas. Although he stated that he did not believe it was too late for Musk to turn Twitter into a “good party”, Williams suggested that the platform was headed for a similar decline to the likes of Myspace and Yahoo due to poor leadership. Williams also expressed doubts about the whole concept of “social media”.

Dorsey’s Views

Jack Dorsey, another Twitter co-founder and former CEO, has also been a critic of Musk’s management of Twitter, despite initially supporting his taking over the firm. Dorsey has contended that Twitter had “gone south” since Musk acquired it and that he should not have proceeded to buy it.


Williams opined that he was not angry with Dorsey but believed that they had made a mistake in trusting Musk. While Twitter has lost credibility in the industry and faces a daunting task to regain its reputation, only time will tell if the platform’s fortunes will change under its new CEO, Linda Yaccarino.

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