“Coca-Cola Woos Video Gamers with its Latest Flavor, Ultimate”

Coca-Cola Launches Limited-Edition Flavor for Gamers

Coca-Cola has recently launched its new limited-edition flavor, Coca-Cola Ultimate, in partnership with Riot Games’ League of Legends (LoL), a multiplayer online battle arena game. This new flavor is designed to taste like experience points and reflect the thrill of gaming. Coca-Cola Ultimate will be available for purchase on June 12 in Canada and the United States and earlier in other parts of the world.

Behind the Strategy: Why Coca-Cola is launching limited-edition flavors

Coca-Cola has been experiencing sluggish growth in the soda category for a few years now, even after focusing its portfolio on its core brands, including Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s CEO, James Quincey, explained during the Redburn CEO conference in November 2020 that the limited-edition flavors are not meant to become permanent offerings. However, launching limited-edition flavors is a tried and tested strategy for Coca-Cola to build buzz around its flagship product. Even though specific sales figures or financial performance related to previous flavors have not been publicly disclosed, the tactic always generates much online and media attention.

Gaming is Big Business: Coca-Cola Ultimate and League of Legends Partnership

Gaming is a billion-dollar industry, and brands want in. Coca-Cola is not simply appealing to gamers’ taste buds with the new Coca-Cola Ultimate flavor but also providing fans with a series of exclusive digital experiences. By scanning the QR code on Coca-Cola Ultimate bottles and cans, consumers will access the Coca-Cola Creations Hub where they’ll find the Ultimate Emote Generator – an Instagram filter that allows players to view themselves in the style of a LoL emote. Additionally, new challenges will be added to LoL, and players will be able to earn free game rewards.

Other Brands Have Tried Similar Collaborations

Coca-Cola Ultimate is not the first collaboration between a brand and the gaming industry, nor will it be the last. For instance, Red Bull has a similar partnership with the popular game Fortnite that allows exclusive in-game events and tournaments. Additionally, Nike, PlayStation, and the rapper Travis Scott teamed up in 2020 for the launch of limited edition sneakers, where just twenty-four pairs were produced, and the design still fetches thousands in the second-hand market.


Coca-Cola’s latest partnership with Riot Games’ League of Legends is a move to tap into the lucrative gaming industry and offer gamers a unique Coca-Cola experience. Although Coca-Cola Ultimate’s success and its impact on Coca-Cola’s brand have yet to be seen, the limited-edition flavors strategy is a well-known and successful tactic for generating excitement around the brand’s flagship product.

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