“Elizabeth Holmes Claims She Cannot Afford Restitution of $250 Per Month, According to Recent Reports”

Disgraced CEO Elizabeth Holmes Cannot Afford Restitution Payments

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who was found guilty earlier this year of defrauding investors, has claimed she cannot afford to pay $250 a month in restitution to those who lost money due to her false claims about her company. Holmes has been ordered to make $452 million in restitution payments to the victims of her crimes. However, her former boyfriend and ex-Theranos president, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, has been held jointly liable for the nine-figure sum and is already serving a 13-year jail sentence.

Criminal Restitution Explained

Criminal restitution is a court-ordered financial obligation that reimburses an offender’s victims for any financial losses they suffered as a direct result of the offender’s criminal actions. Restitution is not considered a punishment for the offender but is instead a monetary debt owed to the victim. However, compliance with a restitution order becomes a condition of the offender’s probation. While restitution is a court-ordered obligation, it is not guaranteed that the full amount will be recovered. This is because many defendants do not have sufficient assets or wealth after their release from prison to repay their victims.

Holmes Required to Make $25 Restitution Payments Quarterly

Although Holmes has stated she won’t be able to pay the $250 a month following her sentence, she has not objected to the quarterly $25 restitution payments while she is currently serving her 11-year jail term. The chance of the entire restitution amount being fully recovered is low, as offenders often have large sums to repay to a large number of victims. Thus, victims usually receive a number of small payments over an extended period of time.

The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes

At the peak of her career, Holmes had built up Theranos into a $9 billion company. She raised almost $1 billion from investors, including media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, and the Walmart family. However, investigations by the Wall Street Journal exposed how the blood-testing company’s technology didn’t work, how it had attempted to cover up its failures, and how the firm had put its patients’ health at risk. As a result, Holmes lost the trust and support of investors and customers, leading to her spectacular downfall and the eventual collapse of Theranos.

Holmes Currently Broke with a Net Worth of $0

Today, according to Forbes, Holmes is broke, with a net worth of $0. It is a far cry from where she was at the peak of her career. Holmes was named the world’s youngest self-made woman billionaire with a net worth of $4.5 billion at the age of 30. Nevertheless, her fraudulent actions have significantly damaged her personal and professional reputation, leading to criminal charges, financial penalties, and a lengthy jail sentence.


Despite being ordered to make $452 million in restitution payments to her victims, Holmes claims she cannot afford to make $250 a month in payments following her release from prison. Although restitution is a court-ordered obligation, the chance of the full amount being fully recovered is low. Holmes is currently serving an 11-year jail term, during which she has agreed to make quarterly $25 restitution payments. However, she is not the only one responsible for the nine-figure sum, as Balwani has also been held jointly liable and is serving a 13-year sentence. Holmes’s fraudulent actions have significantly damaged her personal and professional reputation, resulting in criminal charges, financial penalties, and a downfall from billionaire status to a net worth of $0.

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