“Exploring MENA Region’s ADR Opportunities and Abraham Accords at TLV Arbitration Week 2023”

# Prof. Julian Lew: Developing an International Arbitration Hub in the Middle East

Are you interested in the development of an international arbitration hub in the Middle East? In this keynote speech, Professor Julian Lew, an expert in international arbitration, discusses the potential for Tel Aviv to become an international hub.

Party autonomy, the foundation of arbitration, is vital to the success of any arbitration process. However, other factors such as bureaucracy and differing legal systems can complicate the process. Building on Israel’s current infrastructure and expertise in the field, Professor Lew suggests that with the recent Abraham Accords, Tel Aviv has an exciting opportunity to strengthen its position as an international hub for arbitration.

With high-quality law firms and experienced lawyers, Israel has the necessary skills to develop an effective hub. However, the development of a modern arbitration law is vital to the success of this effort. Professor Lew believes that the changes in the region present a unique opportunity, and cooperation between the different stakeholders is essential for the success of this initiative.

This keynote speech is a must-watch for anyone interested in the development of an international arbitration hub in the Middle East.

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Prof. Julian Lew – Key Note Speaker

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