E12: Exploring the Inner Workings of a VC Firm with Michael Cortez – YL Ventures

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In this episode, we have Michael Cortez, a Partner at YL Ventures, a leading Cyber Security VC firm based in Tel Aviv & San Fransisco. We dive deep into what VCs look for in Entrepreneurs and explore the world of YL Ventures.

**YL Ventures**: YL Ventures is a venture capital firm with a sole focus on investing in early-stage cyber security startups from Israel. With offices in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, they manage five different funds with a total of 800 million assets under management. Their strategy is to identify and support talented Israeli cyber security entrepreneurs from the seed stage to IPO.

Emphasizing on early investment in strong teams with innovative ideas, YL Ventures provides strategic and tactical support for go-to-market activities, financial analysis, pipeline support, executive recruiting, fundraising strategy, and more. They work closely with their Venture Advisory Board of CSOs around the world to foster growth and success for their portfolio companies.

Some notable companies in their portfolio include Axonius, Orca Security, and Twistlock (acquired by Palo Alto Networks). With their expertise and industry-leading value-add platform, YL Ventures aims to support founders in transforming their cyber security ideas into category-leading companies.

Learn more about YL Ventures and their portfolio companies on their [LinkedIn]( and [website](

If you’re interested in cyber security, venture capital, investment, entrepreneurship, and technology, this episode is a must-watch!

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Welcome to the Hub-scale podcast. Where we dive into the minds of leaders within the Cyber Security space.

Episode 12 is with Michael Cortez ( a Partner at YL Ventures, A Isreal Cyber Security VC firm based in Tel Aviv & San Fransisco.

In this conversation we discuss, what do VC’s look for in Entrepreneurs, who are YL Ventures and much, much more!

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