Disney CFO Christine McCarthy Announces Departure from Company

**Walt Disney CFO Christine McCarthy Steps Down, Takes Medical Leave**

Walt Disney’s Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy, has announced that she will be taking a family medical leave of absence and stepping down from her role at the world’s largest entertainment company. The news was confirmed in a statement released by Disney on Thursday. McCarthy will be replaced on an interim basis by Kevin Lansberry, the current CFO of Disney’s theme parks division, effective from July 1. However, McCarthy will continue to serve as a strategic adviser to the company during her absence.

**Transition in Leadership: McCarthy’s Departure and Replacement**

After serving as CFO of Disney since 2015, McCarthy’s decision to step down marks the end of her tenure at the company. She had been with Disney since 2000 and played a pivotal role in various significant events, such as the company’s $71 billion acquisition of Fox’s entertainment assets and the navigation of the challenges posed by the global pandemic. McCarthy was also instrumental in advocating for the return of former Disney Chief Executive Officer, Bob Iger, to the company. In the statement, Iger praised McCarthy’s contributions and described her as a role model for women in business worldwide.

Taking over as interim CFO will be Kevin Lansberry, who currently holds the position of CFO in Disney’s theme parks division. Lansberry is a Disney veteran with a three-decade-long history at the company.

**McCarthy’s Statement on Departure**

In her statement, McCarthy expressed her willingness to help with the transition and conveyed her support for the ongoing success of the Disney family. Despite leaving her role as CFO, McCarthy will remain involved as a strategic adviser, utilizing her valuable expertise to assist the company during this time of transition.

**Implications on Disney’s Stock Share**

Following the announcement, Disney’s stock shares experienced a minor decline of less than 1% in after-hours trading. The departure of a key executive such as the CFO often raises questions and concerns from investors. However, the relatively small impact on the stock suggests that investors remain cautiously optimistic about the company’s future.

**In Summary**

Walt Disney’s Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy, will be stepping down and taking a family medical leave of absence. Kevin Lansberry, currently serving as the CFO of Disney’s theme parks division, will assume the role of interim CFO during McCarthy’s absence. McCarthy’s contributions to Disney over the years have been highly valued, and she will continue to provide strategic guidance to the company. This transition in leadership will be closely monitored by investors, as the CFO plays a vital role in managing the financial health and success of the company. Despite the expected concerns surrounding the departure of such a key executive, Disney’s stock shares showed only a minor decline after the announcement. The impact of McCarthy’s absence will become clearer in the coming months as Lansberry takes charge and sets the financial course for the entertainment giant.

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