Amar Business Zone in Baner Offers a Coworking Space with 18 Seats and 3 Cabins at B1105

#Office Space for Lease in Baner – Luxury Amar Business Zone

Welcome to our office tour, showcasing the luxury and convenience of the Amar Business Zone in Baner, Pune. From the moment you step into our lobby, you’ll be greeted by a lavish sit-out area, offering a stunning view of the surroundings[^1^]. As you make your way to our reception area, you’ll notice the elegance and sophistication that define our office space[^1^].

With state-of-the-art facilities, our coworking space is designed to meet all your business needs. From comfortable seating to well-equipped cabins, we have created a productive environment for both individuals and teams[^1^]. Whether you need a private cabin or a seat in our co-working area, we have the capacity to accommodate your requirements[^1^].

Aside from our luxurious workspace, we also provide additional amenities such as a canteen, Wi-Fi access, and designated meeting rooms[^1^]. Need a break? Our cafeteria offers a pleasant spot to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee during your workday[^1^].

Conveniently situated at Veer bhadra Nagar in Baner, with easy access to major transportation routes, our location is ideal for businesses seeking a prestigious address[^1^]. To get a glimpse of our office space and explore the possibilities it offers, contact us at 8308816587[^1^].

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your work environment and experience the luxury of Amar Business Zone. Discover why our office space in Baner is the perfect choice for your business needs[^1^].

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[^1^]: [Amar Business Zone – Official Website](

Our office tour from lobby to cafeteria.Luxury Amar Business Zone.

Coworking Space in Baner

Location:Amar Business Zone,Veer bhadra Nagar,Baner,Pune-411045

Canteen,Luxurious Lobbby,Wifi



#officeOnLease #Baner #perSeat #PerCabin

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