Digital Euro Joins EQT Ventures and Bears with Benefits: Exploring Theranos, Edition F, Disney, and Frida Kahlo

**Title: Exciting News in the Startup World: Disney Overtakes Netflix, Theranos Verdict Looms, and More!**

Welcome to Startup Insider Daily, your go-to source for the latest news in the startup world. In today’s episode, we cover Disney’s success in surpassing Netflix, the imminent verdict in the Theranos trial, Meta’s massive layoffs, Twitter’s failure to combat false election campaign posts, and more. Stay tuned for exciting discussions on investments, exits, and the latest developments in blockchain, crypto, and NFTs.

– 0:00​ Introduction and Tagesprogramm
– 0:45 Lindner’s Demand for Privacy in the Digital Euro
– 2:15​ New EQT Fund with €1.1 Billion
– 3:40​ Meta’s Layoff of 11,000 Employees
– 4:50​ Twitter’s Inaction Against False Election Campaign Posts
– 6:10​ Theranos Trial Verdict Announcement
– 7:20​ Musk Sells Tesla Stocks
– 8:30​ Disney Surpasses Netflix
– 9:45​ Flop of Frida Kahlo NFT Project

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– [Disney](
– [EQT Ventures](
– [Edition F](
– [Frida Kahlo NFT](
– [Theranos](
– [Twitter](

Heute u.A. mit diesen Themen:

– Lindner verlangt Privatsphäre beim digitalen Euro
– Neuer EQT-Fonds mit 1,1 Milliarden Euro
– Meta entlässt 11.000 Mitarbeiter
– Twitter geht nicht gegen falsche Wahlkampf-Posts vor
– Theranos-Prozess vor Urteilsverkündung
– Musk verkauft Tesla-Aktien
– Disney überholt Netflix
– Frida Kahlo NFT-Projekt grandios gefloppt

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