DevDay Meetup: Prepare Yourself

Discover What’s in Store for DevDay: The Meetup on 28 June 2023

Atlassian is a globally leading software company, and it hosts a yearly virtual developer event, the Developer Day. This year, the event is rebranded as DevDay: The Meetup, a free 90-minute webinar scheduled for 28 June 2023. In addition to the meetup, there will be hands-on learning and technical workshops held throughout the week. Registrants will have access to Atlassian engineers and developer advocates, where they can learn new app development skills. The week-long access also includes a dedicated Slack workspace to network with peers.

Insights from Keran McKenzie, Head of Atlassian Ecosystem

The opening keynote will be presented by Keran McKenzie, Head of Atlassian Ecosystem. This keynote will take attendees into the three areas that Atlassian is experiencing shifts- server to cloud, SMB to enterprise, and product to platform. Keran will provide invaluable advice on how to draw your app roadmap to meet these changes head-on. Besides, the audience will learn of three top-priority areas for meeting the Marketplace customer needs, which include Cloud app availability, Data residency, and Compliance certifications.

Building Complex Apps Pattern in Forge

The forge has proven to be a game-changer for Atlassian Marketplace Partners who are developing complex apps. In this panel fireside chat, Marketplace Partners such as Appfire, Adaptavist, and Seibert Media will share their challenges, key takeaways, and successes in developing complex apps on forge. They will provide valuable insights into their experiences while developing popular server apps, Scriptrunner Behaviours, and early adoption of the forge apps in the marketplace, among others.

Data Residency Deep Dive

K15t is a company that has been striving to meet data residency needs. It’s no secret that data residency is an important aspect of app development, and developers must understand how they can meet client needs. In this session, Fabian Siegel, a software engineer at K15t, will lead the discussion on what data residency means to clients and why it is important. He will also cover the technical hurdles and challenges that K15t overcame when implementing the feature.

Achieving ISO 27001 compliance with Vanta

Customers seek trustworthy apps that guarantee their security. Additionally, attaining certification, such as ISO 27001, can be cumbersome, especially for startups. Tobias Viehweger, Co-Founder and tech lead at Yasoon, will discuss Vanta that provides a streamlined way to achieve certification. Attendees will also learn how to create a robust Trust Center through his sharing of the company’s experience.

Don’t Miss Out on Free Hands-On Learning and Technical Workshops

DevDay: The Meetup promises to be an excellent event for developers, with unparalleled insights from industry leaders and experts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn new app development skills, network with peers, and access free hands-on learning and technical workshops. Register now to secure your spot!

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