The Impact of ChatGPT on the Industry – Insights from Nicole Büttner, Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum.

## Welcome to Morantics: Scaling AI Use Cases from Research to Production

In this video, we welcome you to Morantics, where we are building a platform and an ecosystem to scale AI use cases from research into production and to increase the impact of this technology in the world. Our team focuses not only on investing, incubating, and building new ventures with founders but also on providing services to help legacy industries get on the AI maturity journey.

At Morantics, we believe that the past 10 years, AI has created insights from pattern recognition, but this signifies only about 1% of the value chain. We aim to unlock the untapped majority of the value chain estimated at around 20 trillion dollars by using generative AI. This emerging technology is exciting since it allows access to a broader market, creating vast opportunities for existing industries, and generating value in AI-based businesses.

We discuss the top four trends we find interesting and important in the coming months, including AI and decision-making, commoditization and defensible datasets, interaction-based design, and understanding how to include experts and professionals in this journey.

Follow Morantics, where AI meets business, and let us unlock the untapped potential of your business.

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