Decarbonizing Real Estate: Gregory Dewerpe of A/O PropTech Shares Insights with Ian King on Sky News

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In this interview on *Ian King Live* on Sky News, Gregory Dewerpe, founder of Europe’s largest proptech venture capital (VC) firm A/O PropTech, discusses the vital role that VCs, especially those focused on sustainable technology, play in decarbonizing the built world. With the built environment being the largest asset class and the main contributor to global emissions, accounting for 40% of them[^1^], Dewerpe emphasizes the significance of embracing technology to address climate change in this sector.

Dewerpe mentions his recent investment in a prop tech company called Passive Logic, which has developed a fully autonomous building management system using artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking technology can optimize building operations and significantly reduce carbon emissions, making buildings more energy-efficient[^2^]. By adopting such systems, carbon emissions from individual buildings can be decreased anywhere from 20% to 30%[^2^].

The prop tech sector has seen record-breaking investments, amounting to $32 billion in 2021[^3^]. However, Dewerpe believes that this is just the beginning of the industry’s transformation. Real estate, being the largest industry globally, has traditionally lagged in technological advancements; thus, there is a substantial opportunity for further investment and development. As the importance of tackling climate change becomes increasingly evident, technology in real estate is paramount to achieving net-zero emissions goals[^4^].

Dewerpe attributes the slow adoption of technological innovation in the property sector to multiple factors. Historically, the industry has enjoyed consistent growth and high property values without facing significant pressure to change. However, recent shifts, such as regulatory demands, investor expectations, and customer (tenant) awareness, are driving change and pushing for more environmentally friendly and efficient practices[^5^].

Although the prop tech sector may encounter challenges and failures along the way, Dewerpe expresses confidence that the investments being made are necessary and will ultimately lead to success. Urgency in combating climate change calls for technology and science-driven solutions, particularly in the real estate industry, where the transformation is crucial for achieving a sustainable future[^6^].

Don’t miss this insightful interview with Gregory Dewerpe as he highlights the role of venture capital in prop tech and emphasizes the importance of technology innovation in decarbonizing the built world.

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Speaking on Ian King Live on Sky News, Gregory Dewerpe, founder of Europe’s largest proptech VC A/O PropTech, makes the case for why VCs – and particularly those focused on sustainable technology – have a major role to play in decarbonising the built world, which is both the largest and most polluting asset class, responsible for 40% of global emissions.

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