CNBC Talks with Gregory Dewerpe, Founder of A/O PropTech, about Tackling Climate Change with Urgency

📺 **CNBC Interview: Why Decarbonizing Real Estate is Mission-Critical in a Changing Climate** 🌍

Yesterday, Gregory Dewerpe, the Founder and CIO of A/O PropTech, spoke live to CNBC about the urgent need to decarbonize the real estate industry and build resiliency in the face of a changing climate. As Europe experiences record-breaking temperatures, hitting 40°C in London, it becomes clear that we must take action to address the impacts of climate change.

To tackle this issue effectively, a coordinated effort between the private and public sectors is needed. This collaboration should prioritize well-considered capital allocation, targeted policy-making, and careful planning. By allocating our resources wisely, we can make a significant impact and drive positive change.

At A/O, we firmly believe that companies focusing on emissions reduction will experience exponential growth in value. For example, to meet EU-wide targets for energy-efficient homes, an incredible $10 trillion needs to be invested annually in retrofitting until 2050. This presents an enormous opportunity for early movers in the market.

The built environment offers the single most important climate opportunity, as it accounts for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is crucial that we address this issue head-on and raise public awareness about the importance of investing in the transition of our real estate industry and critical infrastructure. By doing so, we can allocate resources, shape policies, and drive overall public awareness.

In this CNBC interview, Gregory Dewerpe provides insights into the need for investments in technologies that promote decarbonization and resiliency. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on technologies that solve mission-critical problems and create sustainable business models. These technologies will become the most valuable businesses, regardless of market conditions, as they address real-world challenges and provide solutions.

Later this year, the UK government will publish a national res strategy, reviewing past failures and addressing the challenges posed by rising temperatures. Retrofitting plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges. In the built world, an estimated $10 trillion per year must be invested in retrofitting technologies for housing, offices, and other buildings until 2050. This includes implementing energy-efficient measures, such as intelligent control systems, LED lighting, and innovative insulation materials to enhance heating and cooling efficiency.

To support these efforts, the government should provide the right financing tools and incentives for end-users. By working together, we can build a more sustainable future and create a resilient real estate industry that withstands the impacts of climate change.

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– CNBC Interview –

📺 Yesterday, our Founder Gregory Dewerpe spoke live to CNBC about why it’s mission-critical to decarbonise the world’s most polluting asset class – the real estate industry – and to build resiliency into our physical assets to help adapt to a changing climate.

💥 With soaring temperatures across Europe this week – temperatures hit 40°C in London yesterday, the hottest day on record in Britain – we have had a stark (and extremely worrying) preview of what is to come.

💸 There needs to be a coordinated and thoughtful collaboration between the private and public sectors through well-considered capital allocation, targeted policy-making and planning. We need to allocate our resources where it matters and move the needle.

🚀 At A/O, we believe it is clear that companies reducing emissions at scale will grow exponentially in value. To meet EU-wide targets for energy-efficient homes, for instance, $10 trillion needs to be invested every year in retrofitting until 2050 – presenting an enormous opportunity for early movers..

🌏The single most important climate opportunity is the built world without question.

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