Davinci Jeremie, an Early Adopter of Bitcoin Since Its $1 Price, Forecasts the Next 10x Growth of BTC

# The Future of Bitcoin and FTX with Davinci Jeremie and David Lin at AIBC Summit in Malta

### Description:
In this insightful interview, Davinci Jeremie, a renowned crypto educator and early adopter of Bitcoin, sits down with David Lin, Anchor of Kitco News, to discuss the future of Bitcoin and its relationship with FTX.

Throughout the conversation, Davinci shares his personal journey into the world of cryptocurrency, highlighting his initial skepticism towards Bitcoin and how it transformed into a deep belief in its potential.

They delve into various topics including the fungibility of Bitcoin, its role as a store of value, and the impact of the Crypto Winter. Davinci also sheds light on Bitcoin’s code and its ultimate goal, as well as its relationship with central banks.

Furthermore, they explore the concept of needs and wants, and how Bitcoin can serve as an inflation hedge. Davinci discusses the issue of gold/silver manipulation and contrasts the nature of Bitcoin with “the system”.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the Bitcoin price cycle and an exploration of FTX and Solana.

Join Davinci Jeremie and David Lin as they provide valuable insights into the future of Bitcoin and its relationship with FTX in this thought-provoking interview at the AIBC Summit in Malta.

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Davinci Jeremie, crypto educator, early adopter, and host of the davincij15 YouTube channel, discusses the future of Bitcoin, FTX with David Lin, Anchor of Kitco News, at the AIBC Summit in Malta.

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0:00 – Davinci’s history
2:45 – Gold vs. Bitcoin
4:20 – Fungibility of Bitcoin
5:45 – BTC as store of value
7:35- Crypto Winter
9:10 – Bitcoin manipulation
11:33 – Bitcoin’s code
14:00 – Ultimate goal of Bitcoin
15:15 – Central banks
17:30 – Needs and wants
18:50 – Inflation hedge
20:51 – Gold/silver manipulation
22:00 – Bitcoin vs. “the system”
25:46 – Bitcoin price cycle
26:58 – FTX, Solana

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  1. I actually discovered Davinchi because of Silver interest in 2011 and he was primarily a Silver Enthusiast at the time and I always checked his vids as they came out and then he mentioned Bitcoin being 2 dollars after I heard maybe two others talking abut Bitcoin also.. He was wrong about Silver mooning as well as many other were also but he had Bitcoin pegged right all of the way..

  2. If< you have been closely watching the crypto or even invested in it, chances are that you are wondering whether the latest bear cycle is over. The truth is that the market remains unpredictable especially in the long-term. Despite the heavy outflows, Bitcoin still managed to promptly recover, this recovery demonstrated Bitcoin’s strength despite being stress tested against highly volatile and unfavorable market conditions. Could this outcome be a sign that the market is ready for a bigger recovery? The obvious answers is yes despite how long it might take, it is very important to stay ahead of the market by trading with the right strategy. I have been trading with Arthur Ramos strategy for up to year now I have been able to accumulate 25.7 btc with his signals.

  3. Worry not about when it will be worth millions, worry about how long the present crypto winter and how long more it’s going to last and where the present recession will take the value of many of these coins will finally land at, as well as how many of the crypto exchanges like FTX will be able to survive with difficult market conditions 😅😊

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