According to UBS’ David Vogt, India poses a formidable challenge for Apple’s market penetration efforts

**Title: Apple’s iPhone Sales Soften: Analyzing Growth, Emerging Markets, and the Future of Apple**

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Welcome to ‘The Exchange,’ where David Vogt from UBS and Steve Kovack from CNBC delve into the latest happenings in the world of Apple. In this video, we explore the softening growth of Apple’s iPhone sales, examining the factors affecting demand in emerging markets. Join us as we unravel the implications for Apple’s future.

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### **Analyzing Apple’s Demand in Emerging Markets**

Analyst David Vogt shares insights on the softness of iPhone sales, shedding light on the recent trends. Through his team’s survey of over 7,000 iPhone users in the US and Asia, he highlights the decline in purchase intent over the past six months. Learn how the pandemic’s impact on spending, coupled with Apple’s communication to suppliers, contribute to this backdrop of softer demand and a potential 9% decrease in iPhone builds in the second half of the year.

### **Growth Challenges for Apple’s Services Segment**

As we dive deeper into Apple’s ecosystem, we explore the growth prospects of their services segment. Once a stronghold of double-digit growth, the landscape has changed. Vogt emphasizes that while services like the App Store and iCloud remain strong, consumer focus post-pandemic has shifted towards experiences rather than downloading movies and video games. This shift, coupled with slower overall spending on iPhones, has resulted in slowed growth for Apple’s services. Discover the challenges Apple faces in squeezing growth out of their services and the potential impact on their ancillary offerings.

### **Contextualizing Apple’s Market Performance**

Steve Kovack provides valuable context to Vogt’s insights, questioning whether Apple’s emphasis on emerging markets overshadows their performance in the markets where they make real money. While Apple has shown growth in places like India, their overall presence in these markets is not substantial enough to compensate for slowdowns in the US, China, Europe, and Japan. Gain a deeper understanding of why these emerging markets may not mirror the success witnessed in China and how market share gains in the US and China could be harder to achieve for Apple.

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  1. What a joke, The guy just tried to focus on possible negatives. Analysts always mess up the numbers on iphone builds and supply weakness. When your argument is they can't sell enough phones in India, you are really reaching. Apple has vastly outperformed in Iphone sales in India by what was projected. 25% of iphone production is moving to India, nobody thought they were just going to turn India into China overnight.

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