Cricket Breaks New Ground as the U.S. Embraces its First Major League, Backed by Prominent Tech and Celebrity Investors

**Reviving Cricket in the United States: A Personal Journey**

Growing up in India, cricket was more than just a sport for me and my father. It was a way of life, a shared passion that brought us closer together. However, when my family moved to the United States, we left cricket behind. There was no easy way to stay connected to the sport, and it felt like a part of us was missing. Little did I know that years later, I would have the opportunity to bring cricket back into my life and share it with others in the United States.

**The Evolution of the Sports Industry**

Over the years, the sports industry has undergone significant transformation. Sports leagues and teams have become complex businesses with various revenue streams extending beyond the game. These organizations now focus on optimizing profitability through avenues such as live entertainment, intellectual property, hospitality, catering, fashion, and real estate.

As a result of this professionalization, fans now have more ways than ever before to view and connect with their favorite teams. Technological advancements have paved the way for streaming, betting, and fantasy sports, allowing fans to engage with sports on a local and global level. However, while these developments have increased access, they also risk diluting the passion and unique relationship between teams and fans.

**Reviving the Fan Experience with Major League Cricket**

Recognizing the need to preserve the essence of fandom, the opportunity to launch a new professional cricket league in the United States was an exciting proposition for me. Major League Cricket (MLC) emerged from this idea, aiming to provide a personal experience that is often missing from other professional sports.

MLC currently consists of six teams representing cities such as Texas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC. The league’s 2023 season comprises 19 matches played over 18 days, culminating in the first-ever MLC championship final on Jul. 30, 2023. To ensure a seamless experience, the matches are scheduled during the regular off-season of the Indian Premier League, enabling players and fans to actively engage with both competitions.

Moreover, MLC offers streaming opportunities that provide additional access to fans without compromising the integrity of their experience. By striking this balance between accessibility and maintaining the passion of the sport, MLC aims to grow cricket in the United States both as a passion project and as a business.

**The Passionate Owners Behind MLC**

What sets MLC apart is its ownership group, comprised of individuals who share a genuine connection to the sport. From Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, the owners bring a deep appreciation and enthusiasm for cricket to the table. Their involvement not only highlights their fandom but also their desire to share their excitement with others.

**Preserving the Essence of Sports Fandom**

While MLC seeks to grow and evolve cricket in the United States, it remains committed to safeguarding the purity and fandom of the sport. The league recognizes the importance of maintaining a unique fan experience that sets it apart from other leagues. The goal is to create a sense of closeness and shared passion among fans, ensuring that they are not merely seen as customers but as true supporters of the game.


As cricket continues to grow and change over time, the launch of Major League Cricket in the United States represents a significant step towards reviving the sport in a new market. With a focus on preserving the connection between teams and fans, MLC aims to provide a personal and authentic experience that sets it apart from other professional sports leagues. By combining accessibility with the passion of fandom, MLC is poised to engage and captivate cricket enthusiasts across the United States.

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