AMPECO Joins Forces with Cavalry

**Title: Accelerating EV Charging: The Advantages of a White-Label Solution | Interview with AMPECO CEO**


In this informative interview, Fabian Krautwurst, Principal at Cavalry Ventures, sits down with Orlin Radev, co-founder and CEO of AMPECO, to discuss the advantages of a white-label solution in the rapidly growing EV charging market. They delve into the challenges faced by AMPECO’s customers, the role of software in accelerating the transition to electric transportation, and the next steps for the company.

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In this video transcript, Orlin Radev shares the story behind the creation of AMPECO and their mission to revolutionize EV charging. He explains how his passion for electric vehicles and the intersection of transportation and energy inspired him to develop a cloud-based software solution that caters to the needs of EV charging operators and drivers.

AMPECO’s comprehensive platform simplifies the management and control of EV charging stations, encompassing hardware management, monitoring, remote control, tariff management, cost tracking, payment handling, energy management, and grid services. It serves as an all-in-one operating system for chargepoint operators, providing them with the tools they need to thrive in the evolving EV market.

Radev also discusses the increasing prominence of the EV industry and the various players rushing to capitalize on the opportunities it presents. He emphasizes AMPECO’s role as an enabler, offering a white-label solution that empowers companies to quickly enter the market with a customizable, out-of-the-box solution. Through collaboration with chargepoint operators and charging providers globally, AMPECO’s solution enables customers to establish their own competitive advantage and differentiation.

By choosing a white-label approach, AMPECO allows its customers to maintain full business ownership and build their brand while benefiting from the software’s capabilities and integrations with existing infrastructure. This customer-centric approach has proven successful, resonating with chargepoint operators, energy utilities, large parking operators, electrical and solar installers, and other companies involved in managing and maintaining charging networks worldwide.

Radev acknowledges the challenges faced by enterprise-level clients in the rapidly evolving EV charging industry. With advancements in technology and the need to accommodate diverse use cases and business models, AMPECO supports its customers by providing ongoing support, updates, and a platform that adapts and evolves with the changing landscape.

This interview provides valuable insights into the advantages of implementing a white-label solution in the EV charging space and highlights AMPECO’s commitment to driving the transition to electric transportation.

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Fabian Krautwurst, principal at Cavalry Ventures, sat down with Orlin Radev, co-founder and CEO of AMPECO, to discuss the advantages of a white-label solution, the challenges of AMPECO’s customers and the next steps for the company.

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