Helen Skelton Opens Up About Potential Strictly Come Dancing Endeavor and the Struggle to Decline

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Are you curious about former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton’s potential venture on Strictly Come Dancing? In this exciting video, Helen addresses the rumors and reveals whether she will be gracing the ballroom in the latest series!

During her impressive television career, Helen Skelton has become a household name, captivating audiences as the co-host of Blue Peter from 2008 to 2013. Nowadays, you can often find her presenting popular shows like Countryfile and On The Farm, where she returns to her farming roots.

In this highly-anticipated interview, the talented 37-year-old TV personality shares her thoughts and sheds light on the possibility of joining the cast of Strictly Come Dancing. With rumors swirling around, fans eagerly await Helen’s response, as she delves into the exciting world of dance.

If you’re a fan of entertainment, celebrities, and TV, this is a must-watch video for you! Get the latest news update on Helen Skelton’s potential Strictly Come Dancing journey in 2021. Join us as we explore the rumors and uncover the truth behind Helen’s possible venture on the iconic dance competition.

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Former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton has turned her hand to multiple ventures during her impressive television career. Now, she has addressed whether she will take to the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, as fans await the latest series. Helen became a household name after co-hosting Blue Peter from 2008 until 2013. Nowadays, the mum-of-two is often seen presenting shows such as Countryfile and On The Farm, returning to her roots having grown up on a farm. The 37-year-old has previously appe …

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