Anna Lundstrom, Nespresso U.K. CEO, Strives for Seamless Work-Life Balance in Her Daily Routine

**Striving for work-life fluidity**

Managing a global company like Nespresso’s U.K. and Ireland business requires Anna Lundstrom to be constantly available and on top of things. As the leader of 650 team members and with partnerships like Starbucks under her belt, Lundstrom has found her own way to maintain a work-life balance. Instead of adhering to a rigid 50/50 split between work and personal life, she embraces fluidity and allows work to integrate seamlessly into her day.

Lundstrom acknowledges that it’s challenging to completely “switch off” from her responsibilities as the head of the company. She believes that even though tasks can be delegated and she can rely on her team’s support, being on top of her workforce brings her joy. She aims to stay connected and in touch with her employees and prefers having a constant pulse on what’s happening within the organization.

For Lundstrom, her phone is always within arm’s reach, and she reaches for it as soon as she wakes up. She considers being available at all times as an opportunity to stay informed about trends, her team, and the competition. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by constant accessibility, she sees it as a way to ensure the brand remains relevant and to prevent herself from missing important information.

As the CEO, Lundstrom can be reached through various channels, including Teams, email, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. Active communication keeps her up-to-date and well-informed, both internally and externally. She fears the possibility of being unaware of something or being out of touch with what’s happening. This fear drives her to actively engage and communicate with others, as she believes it provides her with valuable insights and knowledge.

Having a constant stream of real-time information at her fingertips energizes Lundstrom rather than drains her. The ability to stay connected and be aware of what’s happening gives her a sense of purpose and ensures that the brand continues to move forward. By embracing fluidity and being constantly available, she feels empowered and motivated to lead the company efficiently.

**A day in the life of a CEO**

Lundstrom’s day typically starts at 6 am, and she describes herself as a morning person. The first thing she does is reach for her phone, followed by a cup of Nespresso’s Aveda capsule coffee. After getting ready, which takes about an hour and a half, Lundstrom heads to the office. She prefers being in a physical office environment and enjoys being around people. Although she may not spend the entire day at the office, she finds it more productive and fulfilling to have face-to-face interactions with her team and colleagues.

Lundstrom’s days are diverse and varied. She may have meetings or engagements outside the office, such as lunches, agency meetings, or warehouse meetings. This variety keeps her engaged and allows her to stay connected with different aspects of the business. Lundstrom believes that being present in different settings and meeting various people helps her gain insights and make informed decisions.

In the evenings, if Lundstrom is not at the office, she often attends pilates classes at 1Rebel, a fitness chain. These classes have a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, resembling a night out rather than a workout. Lundstrom describes her obsession with these classes, highlighting the importance of physical activity and personal well-being in her life.

By embracing a fluid approach to work-life balance and remaining constantly available, Anna Lundstrom successfully leads Nespresso’s U.K. and Ireland business. Her determination to stay connected and informed, along with her passion for her work, drives her to maintain an active role in the organization. Through her dedication and leadership, Lundstrom ensures that Nespresso remains relevant, innovative, and competitive in the coffee industry.

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