Innovative Solutions for Overcoming Liquidity Challenge in Social Finance Market: Bolsa Social Talks

## YouTube Video Description: The Power of Participative Finance in Impact Investing

Hello everyone and welcome to the Balsa Social Talks! This is the third webinar in a series of three, called “The Power of Participative Finance in Impact Investing.” In this webinar, we will be discussing innovative solutions for the challenge of liquidity in the social finance market.

In the previous webinars, we covered crowd equity and crowd lending as innovative solutions for companies to get financed and connect with the investor community. Now, we will focus on the problem of liquidity, which is a significant issue for both companies and investors.

Our goal is to understand the liquidity problems faced by companies and investors, as well as explore the solutions being offered by different companies and the new European legislation on crowdfunding mechanisms.

To provide insights on this topic, we have invited three guest speakers:

1. Lisa Ashford, CEO and co-founder of Ethics and Managing Director of Energize Africa, which has raised over £100 million for social projects, especially in the energy sector in Africa.

[Source: Ethics](

2. Ramon Blanco, CEO and co-founder of Be Water Funds, a platform that directly tackles the liquidity problem from both the startup and investor sides.

[Source: Be Water Funds](

3. Anathara Nithianatharajah, former Country Manager for Crowdcube in Spain, an equity crowdfunding platform that has financed well-known companies such as Revolut or Eurazeo.

[Source: Crowdcube](

Lisa Ashford will provide insights into Ethics and their positive investment platform, which brings money from the crowd to social enterprises, charities, and profit-for-purpose organizations. Lisa will also talk about Energize Africa, their initiative focused on raising funds for energy projects in Africa.

Ramon Blanco will discuss Be Water Funds, an investment platform that focuses on technology-exposed companies in Spain and Portugal. They provide liquidity through secondary market transactions, allowing investors to acquire and sell shares in the platform.

Anathara Nithianatharajah will provide an overview of Crowdcube, an equity crowdfunding platform that offers companies an additional channel to raise funds at various stages of growth.

Join us to learn more about the innovative solutions being offered to tackle liquidity challenges in the social finance market!

[Source: Balsa Social Talks YouTube Channel](

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