Achieving Ideal Digital Life Balance as a Digital Native

**Digital Life Balance for Digital Native: Managing Real Life and Digital Activities**

Are you spending too much time on your smartphone? According to a research report by in 2021, the average Indonesian uses their smartphone for 5.4 hours per day. With the shift to digital space due to the pandemic, activities such as learning and working have moved online, leading to an increase in screen time. However, excessive digital activities can have serious impacts on the real lives of netizens, including addiction, reduced physical activity, and overall well-being. So, how can we manage our activities to achieve a balanced life in both the real and digital worlds?

Join us for the webinar “Digital Life Balance for Digital Native” on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, from 14:00 – 15:00 WIB. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies and tips for finding the right balance between digital and real-life activities. Don’t miss out! Register now for FREE at [link]( and receive an e-certificate if you participate through Zoom.

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Masyarakat Indonesia, menurut laporan lembaga riset pada 2021, menggunakan smartphone dengan durasi rata-rata 5,4 jam per hari. Durasi itu melejit selama pandemi mengingat banyak aktivitas, terutama belajar dan bekerja, dipindah ke ruang digital.

Aktivitas di ruang digital selama berjam-jam itu dapat berdampak serius pada kehidupan nyata para netizen. Banyak yang justru kecanduan berinteraksi di dunia maya. Aktivitas fisik pun berkurang yang akhirnya mempengaruhi kesehatan dan kualitas hidup.

Bagaimana kita mengelola aktivitas untuk membuat kehidupan di dunia nyata dan digital bisa seimbang? Simak diskusinya dalam webinar “Digital Life Balance for Digital Native”, pada:

Rabu, 3 Mei 2023
14:00 – 15:00 WIB

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