Title: National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team: Whales Pre-purchase ETF Approval, MoneyGram Collaborates with Stellar

**Title: National Crypto Enforcement Team, ETF Approvals, and Moneygram’s Partnership with Stellar**

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**National Crypto Enforcement Team**
The Department of Justice has created a National Crypto Enforcement Team to ensure the proper use of crypto systems and combat abuse in the cryptocurrency industry[^1^]. This new initiative aims to actively enforce regulations against money laundering and cybercrimes involving cryptocurrencies[^1^]. If you’re using crypto and not paying taxes, beware! The enforcement team will target individuals who misuse cryptocurrencies for criminal activities[^1^]. This increased enforcement could impact the future regulation and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies[^1^].

**Bank of America Identifies Companies with Crypto Exposure**
Bank of America recently released a report identifying 20 high-profile U.S. companies with cryptocurrency exposure[^2^]. Surprisingly, this list includes major banking institutions like JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Signature Bank[^2^]. This suggests that big corporations and banks are starting to embrace crypto, which could potentially drive up prices in the market[^2^].

**Whales Pre-Buying ETF Approval?**
There have been rumors circulating that some influential investors, known as “whales,” may have insider information and are pre-buying bitcoin in anticipation of ETF approval[^3^]. While it remains uncertain if this is true, the possibility of an approved ETF could significantly impact bitcoin’s price and crypto market sentiment[^3^]. The recent spike in bitcoin price could be attributed to the subsiding fear surrounding China’s stance on crypto[^3^].

**Moneygram Partners with Stellar**
Moneygram, after its fallout with Ripple due to a lawsuit, has now partnered with Stellar[^4^]. While they previously used XRP, Moneygram will now utilize USDC on the Stellar network for their operations[^4^]. This move favors Stellar, as it is one of the few networks that meets Moneygram’s requirements of speed, cost-effectiveness, and decentralized features[^4^]. Although this partnership may not directly affect Ripple, it does strengthen Stellar as a promising investment in the crypto market[^4^].

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National Crypto Enforcement Team? Whales Pre-buying ETF Approval? Moneygram partners with stellar
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