PM Highlights Youth as the Vanguard of Progressive Politics | Nightline, 26 June 2023

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**RMDF Personnel and Coach Killed in Weapons Training Incident**

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) confirmed a tragic incident during a weapons training session at the Basic Grenade Training Site. One RMDF personnel and a coach lost their lives, while another coach sustained injuries. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the incident. Source: [Authority Link](

**House Collapses Into Sea During Storm in Sabah**

A house situated over the water in Kampongolapis collapsed into the sea during a storm, leaving seven family members trapped. Prompt rescue operations by the fire and rescue departments saved all occupants. Source: [Authority Link](

**Youth as the Pioneer of Progressive Politics**

The Prime Minister praised the youth as the pioneers of progressive politics and emphasized the importance of unity and multiculturalism. He urged the younger generation to reject corruption and abuse of power and make the right choices for a better future. Source: [Authority Link](

**Kazana National Bird: New Green Investment Platform**

Kazana National Bird announced the creation of a new green investment platform to attract direct investment locally and internationally. This initiative aims to support local companies, especially bhumi Putra firms, and create high-quality jobs. The government is committed to driving Malaysia’s economy forward and improving cooperation among the private sector and government entities. Source: [Authority Link](

**Efforts to Control Smoking Product for Public Health**

Health Minister Dr. Zaliha Mustafa urged all parties to support the control of smoking product for public health Bill 2023. With the increasing use of electronic cigarettes and vaping, efforts are crucial to tackle the burden of diseases associated with smoking habits. Malaysia is witnessing a rise in non-communicable diseases, and the Health Ministry is striving to pass the Bill to protect the younger generation. Source: [Authority Link](

**Dissolution of the 14th State Legislative Assembly in Estate**

The 14th State Legislative Assembly will be dissolved on June 28th, paving the way for elections in the estate. The Speaker of the Assembly will notify the Election Commission about the dissolution. Source: [Authority Link](

**Update on RMDF Bomb Incident**

The Defense Minister expressed condolences to the families of the victims in the RMDF bomb incident. The identity of the injured instructor is yet to be disclosed, while the victims have been identified as Air Force Cadet Alaska Mohammedi and Corporal Udara Muhammad Chu. Malaysia is also in the process of joining Alliance 8.7 to combat forced labor and child labor. Source: [Authority Link](

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Nightline on Monday, 26 June 2023 with Muhammed Ahmad Hamdan.


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