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**4. Use Google Assistant to Easily Contact Your Vet**

In case of an emergency involving your pet, it is essential to have quick access to your vet. If you own a Pixel phone, you can set up a convenient shortcut for Google Assistant to make a call to your vet directly from your device. To do this, simply search for “shortcuts” in your Pixel’s settings and create a fast voice command such as “call vet” or “vet SOS.” This way, you can reach out to your vet without any hassle during a critical situation.

**Ensuring Essential Pet Care Contacts Can Reach You**

While setting up your phone’s Do Not Disturb settings, make sure that important pet care contacts can still contact you. It is crucial to have uninterrupted communication with not only your pet’s vet but also their groomer, trainer, walker, and other necessary individuals. By adjusting your phone’s settings accordingly, you can be certain that you won’t miss any vital notifications or calls when it comes to your pet’s well-being.

**5. Make Use of Pixel Buds for Hands-Free Convenience**

When walking your dogs or engaging in various pet-related activities, having your hands free is advantageous. By connecting your Pixel Buds Pro to your Pixel phone with Google Assistant turned on, you can enjoy hands-free convenience. Even if your hands are occupied with leashes or other pet-related items, you can still make and answer calls, control music playback, and manage podcasts seamlessly. By setting up your own voice shortcuts, you can fully maximize the benefits of this feature. Additionally, this functionality extends beyond dog owners, as it allows anyone to have both hands available for uninterrupted cat snuggles or teaching tricks to their pet rabbit.

**6. Personalize Your Pixel’s Screen with a Dedicated Pet Photo**

To instantly brighten your day every time you pick up your phone, consider dedicating your Pixel’s screen to a photo of your beloved pet. In the Pixel’s settings, navigate to “wallpaper & style” and select “change wallpaper” to choose your favorite pet photo for your home screen, lock screen, or both. For an even more dynamic experience, opt for a Cinematic wallpaper. If you happen to own a Pixel 6 or a newer model, your phone can transform a regular 2D pet photo into an impressive 3D display, enhancing the visual appeal of your device.

By implementing these features and functionalities available on your Pixel phone, you can enhance your pet ownership experience while ensuring quick access to essential pet care services. The convenience provided by Google Assistant, Pixel Buds, and personalized screen wallpapers contribute to a seamless and enjoyable pet-centric lifestyle.

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