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# Exploring Other Planets with Robots: History, Examples and More

Are you fascinated by the use of robots in space exploration? If so, you’ll love this video from Ronin showcasing the incredible impact that robots have had on discovering other planets.

As Omarzgarcia explains, robots have transitioned from being primarily used in laboratory settings to now venturing into the wider world alongside humans. In fact, in 2019, we saw Boston Dynamic’s robot Spot explore new terrain and live among people.

But robots aren’t limited to our planet. In fact, they have been instrumental in discovering new worlds and uncovering valuable insights about outer space. For decades, robots have been assisting with space exploration with the first robot being used on Mars back in 1997 – Sojourner Rover.

In this video, you’ll learn about the Sojourner Rover and its incredible impact on the space industry. You’ll also discover more about the history of robotics and the different types of robots used in space exploration, from rovers to more specialized equipment.

Join Ronin on an exciting adventure to explore the planets with robots!

### Key Takeaways:

– Learn about the fascinating history of robotic exploration in space
– Discover how robots have been instrumental in space discovery, including landing on other planets
– Gain insights into different types of robots used in space exploration and their unique functionalities


– [NASA’s Sojourner Rover: The First Robot on Mars](

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Los robots nos ayudan a explorar otros planetas

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