Wirecard Executive Once Listed as Missing Resurfaces, Indicating He’s Alive

**Former Wirecard COO Jan Marsalek Contacts Munich Court Through Lawyer**

Former Wirecard Chief Operating Officer Jan Marsalek has made contact with a Munich court through his lawyer, marking the first communication from Marsalek since his disappearance three years ago. Marsalek’s sudden disappearance occurred during the collapse of Wirecard, a major German payments company. The Munich district court confirmed that they had received a letter from Marsalek’s lawyer but declined to provide further details.

**Marsalek’s Role in Wirecard’s Rise and Fall**

Jan Marsalek played a significant role in Wirecard’s meteoric rise to becoming one of Germany’s most valuable companies. However, in June 2020, the company faced a dramatic implosion when it admitted that €1.9 billion ($2.1 billion) it had reported as assets likely never existed. Marsalek fled when the scandal unfolded and is believed to be hiding in Russia or Belarus. Currently, he is on Interpol’s “most wanted list.” Meanwhile, a trial against Marsalek and other suspects is ongoing in Munich.

**Letter Highlights Marsalek’s Defense**

According to a report by WirtschaftsWoche, the German business weekly, Marsalek’s letter to the Munich court addresses several crucial points. Firstly, he denies the allegations that Wirecard’s third-party business was non-existent. Secondly, he accuses a key witness in the ongoing fraud trial of repeatedly lying. The details of these claims have not been disclosed.

Overall, Marsalek’s contact with the Munich court through his lawyer is a significant development in the Wirecard scandal and the subsequent legal proceedings.

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