What is DMAIC? Six Sigma Project Management

## Understanding DMAIC: A Methodology for Continuous Improvement

DMAIC is a methodology used for continuous improvement in Quality Management and Six Sigma projects. The term DMAIC stands for five distinct steps: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. In this video, we explore each of these steps in detail and how they can help you achieve significant and sustainable improvements in your process performance.

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When you visit a doctor, the process they follow is actually a DMAIC process. They start by defining the problem, focusing only on the symptoms to understand the nature of the problem. Then, they move on to measuring the problem to determine the level of baseline performance of the process. After that, they analyze the data to identify the root causes of the problem.

In the improvement phase, the doctor proposes, tests, and compares solutions to significantly improve the process performance. Finally, in the control phase, they monitor the process behavior by measuring a series of indicators to detect any deviation from expected performance and reacting quickly to correct it.

It’s essential to note that the project leader, or “belt,” does not do everything in DMAIC methodology. Instead, they structure the discussions and help operators, who have experience in the process, to come up with solutions. The human-centered approach of Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC make them unique methods of improving operational performance.

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Le DMAIC est une méthodologie d’amélioration continue utilisée dans le cadre de la gestion de la qualité et du Six Sigma. Le terme DMAIC est l’acronyme de cinq étapes distinctes: Définir, Mesurer, Analyser, Améliorer et Contrôler.

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