WeWork’s Adam Neumann: Two Key Lessons Unveiled by a Seasoned SEO Expert and Expert Copywriter

**WeWork Founder Adam Neumann Makes a Comeback with New Company Flow**

**WeWork Founder Adam Neumann Makes a Comeback with New Company Flow**

After the crash of his company WeWork, founder Adam Neumann is back in the game. He has started a new company called Flow, which has already raised $350 million from renowned investor Marc Andreessen. Neumann introduced his new venture at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference, where he discussed the company’s focus on “solving loneliness” and transforming people’s homes into a place where they can work remotely.

**Flow: Similarities to WeWork**

Neumann’s description of Flow bears a striking resemblance to how he used to talk about WeWork. The infamous crash of WeWork in 2019 became a cautionary tale for startup investors and was featured in the Apple series “WeCrashed” with Jared Leto portraying Neumann. However, Neumann emphasized that despite the similarities, he has learned valuable lessons from his time at WeWork that will contribute to his success with Flow.

**Neumann’s Reflections on WeWork**

Neumann acknowledged two important takeaways from his experience at WeWork. First, he realized that he had surrounded himself with people who were unwilling to challenge or disagree with him. He now understands the importance of having a team that is not only intelligent, but also willing to provide honest feedback. Neumann admitted that the lack of skepticism at WeWork prevented him from recognizing the limitations of the company.

An example of a skeptical voice in Neumann’s life is his investor, Marc Andreessen. Andreessen would call Neumann after investor presentations and express his disagreements, providing a valuable perspective. Neumann believes that this type of skepticism will keep him grounded as an entrepreneur moving forward.

**Listening: A Key Skill for Neumann**

Known for his charismatic speaking abilities, Neumann was able to persuade JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son to invest billions in WeWork. However, he now places a greater emphasis on listening rather than speaking. Neumann believes that being a great entrepreneur involves not only listening, but also seeking out uncomfortable truths and feedback that may not align with one’s desires. He is prepared to apply these lessons to Flow, which aims to empower renters and make them feel a sense of ownership in their homes.

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